'Star Trek: Picard' Cast Preview Their Character's Season 2 Journeys

Star Trek: Picard is coming back for Season 2, two years after the last season aired on Paramount+ (or, as it was called then, CBS All Access).

With such a long time between the first and second season (and multiple other Star Treks coming out since then), all but the most ardent Trekkies would be forgiven if they can't remember where we find our characters in this new season.

As such, in the lead-up to the new season beginning on March 3, Newsweek spoke to the cast of Picard and got them to recap where we left their characters at the end of the last season—and hint at what is to come for them in Season 2.

Among the plots hinted at by the cast include romance for Raffi, Seven and even Picard himself, plus a new role for Elrond and Soji.

Patrick Stewart—Jean-Luc Picard

picard season 2
Patrick Stewart in "Star Trek: Picard" Season 2. The actor teased a new romantic subplot for his character. Paramount+

"Picard has had to absorb facts about his childhood, that he has misunderstood and misinterpreted, which have had a significant impact on who Jean-Luc was and who he became. And what I like so much about the way this new series has been developed, is that that aspect of him is really examined in some detail.

"He also develops a very, very close and admiring relationship with the role that Orla Brady plays [Laris]. It becomes a closer, more emotional connection than I think we've ever really seen him have before, in a romantic sense. There's quite a lot that is said about that."

Michelle Hurd—Raffi Musiker

"Raffi has gone back to Starfleet. She's in the Federation. She's Lieutenant Commander, and she's done some sleight of hand to get Elnor to be on her ship as well. Because she's gonna keep an eye on him, she's kind of adopted him as a replacement son, we could almost say she seems in good spirits

"The only thing that she's lacking is a bit more time with Seven. She understands and respects the fact that this incredible creature is out there solving the problems of the universe, but she wishes she could go with her. There's conflicting emotions."

star trek picard season 2 cast
Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, Michelle Hurd as Raffi and Evan Evagora as Elnor in "Star Trek: Picard" Season 2. The new episodes premiere on Paramount+ on March 3. Paramount+

Jeri Ryan—Seven of Nine

"We find Seven back in the Fenris Rangers, trying to save the galaxy and right the wrongs that she sees being done. She's being her normal, antisocial, solo self!

"She's on [Rio's ship] La Sirena. She's merged the holograms that Rios left there to one personality that she could actually tolerate. And she's by herself doing her thing. She feels safe and less vulnerable, and then she gets an unhappy wake up call. She's dealing with the Borg again..."

Isa Briones—Soji

"When we pick up in Season 2, there's a bit of time missing that we haven't seen. In that time, everyone's gone off and found the place that they belong.

"For Soji, that meant bridging the gap between synthetics and pretty much everyone else and showing that we [synthetics] are not a threat. We are people who just want to live and just want to be seen as equals.

"She's being this kind of diplomat on this tour, talking to different people, different cultures, and just showing what the world could be if we weren't so afraid of the unknown. It's a beautiful responsibility that she has taken on to better the future for her people."

Evan Evagora—Elnor

"This season, I got to tick off a lifetime dream of mine, which was to wear a Starfleet uniform!

Since the first season a lot of time has passed. We see Elnor in a very different environment, an environment he's not used to, but he's also like a symbol and representation of the newly formed alliances between Romulans and the Federation. In Season 2, he's a symbol of progress and hope."

Santiago Cabrera—Chris Rios

"For Rios, Season 2 is about identity and fitting in. He's at a place where he'd begrudgingly left Starfleet, and so it's about finding his place again.

"Even though I think he owns that position of captain of a major ship, he is not sure this is the place for him to be. He's still trying to find his place in the world and where that identity is."

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 airs Thursdays on Paramount+.