'Star Wars: The Bad Batch' Trailer Treats Fans to a Few Easter Eggs

Disney+ just dropped a trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch ahead of its 70-minute May 4 premiere. The new teaser already has social media buzzing about the expected appearances of fan favorites, but there are also several Easter eggs for diehard followers.

The series is the latest in an ambitious slate of oncoming Star Wars programming. This animated series about a rogue squad of genetically modified clone troopers was first introduced at the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and if the action-packed trailer is any indication, viewers can look forward to a faster-paced series than the slower, more methodical live-action The Mandalorian.

The Bad Batch
A still from the trailer of "Star Wars: The Bad Batch," which premieres May 4. Disney+

Speaking of The Mandalorian, one of the biggest Easter eggs we see from The Bad Batch trailer is a young Fennec Shand, the sharpshooter assassin who becomes an ally of Mando. The same actress who portrays the live-action Fennec, Ming-Na Wen, also voices the character for The Bad Batch.

The official Star Wars: The Bad Batch Twitter account shared the new trailer on Tuesday.

Hunter ✔ Echo ✔ Tech ✔ Wrecker ✔ Crosshair ✔
Star Wars: The Bad Batch, an Original Series, arrives May the 4th on @DisneyPlus. #TheBadBatch pic.twitter.com/155S1s5g2f

— Star Wars: The Bad Batch (@TheBadBatch) March 30, 2021

Fans of The Clone Wars will be happy to see the popular Captain Rex returning, too. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who voices much of the returning Batch crew, including Hunter, Echo, Tech, Wrecker, and Crosshair. Saw Gerrera, a character first introduced in The Clone Wars and then seen in live-action for Rogue One before going back to animated form for Rebels, is seen briefly in the trailer, as well.

The main antagonist of Rogue One, Grand Moff Tarkin, is given prominence as a main villain. So, look for Tarkin (voiced by Stephen Stanton) to try to get Rex and the crew back into the imperial regime or face the consequences.
Star Wars lovers eagerly shared their views on the discoveries, as well as who they excitedly spotted.

Who else spotted Clone Captain Rex in the new trailer for 'Star Wars: The Bad Batch'?#StarWars #TheBadBatch #CaptainRex pic.twitter.com/B5jHK4LbpU

— The Future Of The Force (@futureotforce) March 30, 2021

Wow!!! Looks so good. From being The Cavalry Melinda May in @AgentsofSHIELD to now playing Fennec Shand in the @starwars Universe in projects like @themandalorian & now The Bad Batch & can't forget Book of Bobba Fett I'm so happy to see @MingNa playing another bonafide badass. https://t.co/YxTeNAkdxS

— Alex Fuentes ⭐️🌟⭐️ (@AlexFuentes91) March 30, 2021

The best of Star Wars 🥰
Can't wait for Bad Batch! 💖 https://t.co/PigmQsLMUe

— 🌌Reskell🌌 (@Reskell492) March 30, 2021

The Bad Batch is set between the years of the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies. The series was created by Dave Filoni, who was also the creator and an executive producer on Star Wars Rebels and helped create The Mandalorian with Jon Favreau.

Many more Star Wars shows are coming on Disney+. Though no exact dates have been announced, Boba Fett is getting his own show planned for later this year, followed in 2022 by the Rogue One-related Andor and the much-hyped Obi-Wan Kenobi-centered series with Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen.

Following those are even more series, with not even release years attached. These are The Acolyte (helmed by co-creator and show runner of Netflix's Russian Doll Leslye Headland); the Rosario Dawson-starring Ashoka; Rangers of the New Republic; Lando (as in Lando Calrissian); Visions (created by Japanese anime directors); and A Droid Story, featuring R2-D2 and C-3PO. Lucasfilm also has upcoming Star Wars-related films in the works.