'Star Wars The Clone Wars' Ending Explained: What Happened in the Series Finale of the Disney Plus Series?

Disney+ has now brought Star Wars: The Clone Wars to an end after 12 years with a series finale that finally tied up Clone Wars, Rebels and Revenge of the Sith. In Season 7, Episode 12, Star Wars fans finally learned how Ahsoka Tano (voiced by Ashley Eckstein), Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) and Maul (Sam Witwer) survived Order 66, the command from the Republic first seen in Episode III that called for its clone troopers to execute all jedis.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 12, titled "Victory and Death" followed on from the penultimate episode, which saw Ahsoka free Maul in order to create a distraction that allows her to get away from the clone. That episode also saw her remove the chip in Rex that would make him follow Order 66, giving him the freedom to fight for rather than against the jedi.

Ahsoka's plan works, and Maul create clone carnage. In the series finale of the Disney+ show, for example, he uses the Force to break the Republic cruiser's engines, sending it crashing down to a planet. This, however, is only part of his plan.

the clone wars ending
'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' saw Ahsoka fake her own death Disney+

He then heads to the hangar to find a ship to escape on. Ahsoka tries to stop him by using the Force to prevent the ship from leaving, but seeing Rex inundated with Clone troopers, she has to choose between saving her friend and stopping Maul from leaving. She chooses the former so Maul gets away, allowing the character to return in Star Wars: Rebels, which is set after the events of Clone Wars.

Eventually Ahsoka and Rex find their own escape ship, and the pair find themselves at the cruiser's crash site. Disney+ viewers do not get to see the carnage, but we do see the mass graves that the pair dig when they decide to honor the clones by giving them burials. This comes after Ahsoka refuses to kill the clone troopers as she knows they have no choice but to follow the order they have been programmed with.

In the final scenes of The Clone Wars Season 7, we see Ahsoka fake her own death in order to set her up for the events of Rebels. She leaves her lightsabers at the site of the crash, with the hope that people will find them and presume she died in the crash. This directly sets up Rebels, in which she has a white lightsaber and no longer identifies as a jedi.

The series finale, however, had one more surprise for Disney+ viewers. After a time jump, they saw the place where Ahsoka left her lightsaber covered in snow, where none other than Darth Vader discovered it. Just as he may think that Ahsoka is dead, however, he looks up and sees a convor, the bird long associated with Ahsoka in The Clone Wars.

What this meant was left to viewers to decipher. Vader could see it as a sign that Ahsoka is still alive, or he could see it as a confirmation that she is dead, with the bird keeping watch over the place of her "death." Either way, as it always does in the world of Star Wars, the saga continues.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is streaming now on Disney+.