New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Is Thanksgiving Treat

Millennium Falcon? Yes, please. Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Star Wars: Nice films. I like them quite a lot. A new one is coming out in December. You may have heard? Anyway, a new trailer was released—on Thanksgiving, of all days. I love trailers.

In case you don't have one minute to spend watching it, here's a brief synopsis:

The trailer opens on a wide shot of Kylo Ren, the new bad guy. You can tell he's bad because it's pretty dark and everything is tinted red. Also, if you're a big Star Wars fan (Did I mention that I am?), you'll recognize he's standing on the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer. In Star Wars, only bad guys use Imperial Star Destroyers. Good guys use different kinds of ships with different names. Then somebody with a gravelly voice says, "There's been an awakening." Of what? The Force, dummy. It's in the title. Then we get to see a storm trooper using a flamethrower. Didn't have those in the original trilogy, did they? More storm troopers, a wide shot of storm troopers beneath a red sky. "Have you felt it?" that same gravelly-voiced guy asks. Felt what? Unclear. The Force, maybe? You'll probably have to see the film if you want an aswer to that question. Then Kylo Ren hits some guy in the face and kills him, presumably, because he's yelling and it looks like it hurts. And then we get to hear Kylo Ren speak, and we know it's him because he is also Adam for Girls and you can recognize his voice because it's pretty nasally, even when you run it through a bunch of distortion like they're doing here, and he says, "Yes." Skipping forward a bit: some explosions, some bad guys standing in the rain (you can tell they're bad because one of them has a red lightsaber, which only bad guys use, and they're standing in the rain like it's no big deal to get rained on), more explosions, some X-Wings battling some TIE Fighters, Harrison Ford makes an appearance, Chewbacca makes that sound he always makes, and then it tells us when the movie comes out: December 18. Save the date!

Here's the trailer. You would be finished with it by now if you had skipped the words above, and I wouldn't have blamed you, honestly!

We will face them. December 18, 2015. #TheForceAwakens

Posted by Star Wars Movies on Thursday, November 26, 2015