'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' Bogano Chest Locations - All Lightsaber Parts, Outfits & BD-1 Skins

When Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order opens, Cal Kestis is no more than just another working stiff—a scrapper on the junkyard planet of Bracca, cleaning up the decaying remnants of the Clone Wars to eke out a meager living in the ascendant Galactic Empire. But after accidentally revealing his Force abilities and Jedi training, Kestis is sent on the run, teaming up with the crew of a spacecraft called the Mantis on a mission to reassemble the Jedi Order, scattered after Emperor Palpatine ordered their slaughter under Order 66. One of his first destinations is the planet Bogano, where Kestis hopes to track down a wisened Jedi who might guide him on the path. But while you may have come to Bogano on a mission, there's so much more to do than stick to the campaign. For the dedicated explorer, Bogano is a planet of untold riches, including new parts for your lightsaber, outfits for Kestis, paint jobs for your spaceship and enhancements for your Jedi abilities. Here's how to uncover Bogano's secrets and find everything the first planet in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has to offer.

Bogano Chest Locations and Fallen Order Secrets

This monolothic construct is your main objective on Bogano, but there's lots to collect in the surrounding canyons. Lucasfilm / EA

Every Lightsaber Part on Bogano

On workbenches and aboard the Mantis, Cal Kestis can modify his lightsaber, swapping out switches, casing material, blade color and more. There are thousands of possible combinations, taking from a variety of Star Wars galactic design traditions. Some of the features you'll recognize from the lightsabers of famous characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth vader.

Neuranium Lightsaber Material Chest

Some tricky wall running will lead to a pedestal with Neuranium Lightsaber Material. Lucasfilm / EA

Start on the Fractured Plain, right next to a curved ridge above one of Bogano's many bottomless pits. Look above the massive skeleton embedded in the wall, and you should be able to see a series of curved wall jumps, accessible by climbing vines. End your wall jumps with a leap to the vines and climb to your right, until you can lift Kestis up to a narrow pedestal platform.

Eno Cordova Lightsaber Switch Chest

You'll need to wedge your way through a narrow passage to get here. Lucasfilm / EA

Chances are you've already thoroughly explored the Hermit's Abode, where Eno Cordova kept his living quarters. But returning after BD-1 has the ability to charge up electrical panels will reveal a chest you couldn't access before. It's hidden in the very back of Cordova's Hermit's Abode, which can be accessed by squeezing through a narrow, metal passageway.

Valor and Wisdom II Lightsaber Sleeve & Corundum Lightsaber Material Chests

Search for the lounging lizard. Lucasfilm / EA

The easiest way to get up to these two chests is after your BD droid gains the ability to go up ziplines in reverse. After that, the Valor and Wisdom II lightsaber sleeve is a simple acquisition. But it's also possible to climb up the vines from the caverns below, which are swarming with bog rats. To get the Corundum lightsaber material out of the Imperial chest immediate adjacent, your BD droid will need the ability to slice Imperial equipment.

You can find two chests at this location, atop a plateau in the Great Divide. Lucasfilm / EA

Valor and Wisdom Lightsaber Switch & Emitter Chests

Follow the spiraling pathways down, below the yellow arrow, to find deep waters. Lucasfilm / EA

Both of these chests, containing two lightsaber parts of the Valor and Wisdom design scheme, can be found at the bottom of a reservoir beneath the Abandoned Workshop. But you'll need the Jedi breathing device to dive down and open them.

Lucasfilm / EA

Eno Cordova Emitter Chest

Head up from this watery reservoir to find Jedi Eno Cordova's secret lightsaber workshop. Lucasfilm / EA

In the abandoned workshop above the two watery chests you'll find Jedi Eno Cordova's secret lightsaber stash. Since Cordova acts as a holographic guide for much of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order campaign, there's lots for BD-1 to scan in his workshop that causes Kestis to reminisce. This particular lightsaber part is a little more personal to the young Jedi.

Peace and Justice II Lightsaber Sleeve Chest

Lucasfilm / EA

This lightsaber sleeve is easy to find atop a plateau near the Mantis landing site, with only a handful of insectoid splox in the way. But you'll need an advanced jump to get over to the plateau at all, making this another chest that will need to wait until later in the Fallen Order campaign.

Lamina Steel Lightsaber Material Chest

The high elevation location of Lamina Steel. Lucasfilm / EA

To find this lightsaber material, you'll need to get up to the top of the plateau above the Abandoned Workshop (one easy way is to ride a zipline up from the platform above the Bogano Dawn outfit, a map to which you can find lower on the page). Navigating on the upper level, above the Bogano canyons, is best done late in the Fallen Order campaign, since traversing the multiple plateau platforms is easiest with a special Jedi jump acquired late in the game.

Every Cal Kestis Outfit Chest on Bogano

Ca Kestis only has his tattered scrapper poncho when you begin Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but exploration can yield some stylish Jedi duds.

Bogano Dawn Poncho Material Chest

Look for the cest in a groove in the Great Divide walls. Lucasfilm / EA

This is one of the first poncho material outfits for Kestis you're likely to find in Fallen Order. The chest is on the path to the monolith, to one side of the Great Divide, a hop down from this location:

This map location is right above the Bogano Dawn poncho outfit chest. Lucasfilm / EA

Sumi Poncho Material Chest

The Sumi poncho outfit location in the Bogdo Sinkholes. Lucasfilm / EA

To pick up this pink number, revisit the sunken caverns where Kestis fought the Oggdo Bogdo mini boss, now that BD-1 has the ability to slice Imperial chests. You may have to fight a member of the Haxion Brood for the outfit.

Pathfinder Poncho Material Chest

Jump down from this distinctive double-bowl to find a narrow canyon with a chest. Lucasfilm / EA

Finding the Pathfinder poncho material requires a leap of faith, down from the double-bowl top of the Binog Mesa. The narrow space beneath has the chest, but you'll need to fight some bog rats and spox first.

Offshore Poncho Material Chest

The distinctive spines are the best way to find this chest atop the Abandoned Workshop plateau. Lucasfilm / EA

For the general area where you can find this chest, look at the map to the Lamina Steel lightsaber material above. Just like the Lamina Steel, the Offshore Poncho is found on the high plateaus, above the Abandoned Workshop. Once you're up top, and able to navigate with the late-game Jedi jump, search out the skeletal spines near the chest, which are easy to spot across the flat landscape.

Every BD-1 Skin Chest on Bogano

BD-1 Skins are custom paint jobs for Kestis' droid, BD-1, allowing you to swap out the color palette of your digital buddy.

Z'Gag Wave BD-1 Skin Chest

The location of the Z’Gag Wave BD-1 Skin on Bogano. Lucasfilm / EA

Finding this BD-1 skin requires getting low, hopping down some platforms until your deep in the Great Divide canyon. You'll also need the ability to Force push, in order to knock down this bridge granting access to the chest's location:

Lucasfilm / EA

Every Stim Canister Chest on Bogano

Stim Canisters permanently increase the number of stims your droid BD-1 can eject, which can be the difference between life and death in a tough fight. They're one of the best upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Some Stim Canisters you'll find along the path, but capacity for two extra stims can also be found no Bogano.

Bogano Stim Canister 1

The first canister can be found down a hole atop the Binog Mesa (home of the lazy lizard).

Jump down this golden hole to a new Stim Canister. Lucasfilm / EA

The hole leads to the Subterranean Refuge, where you'll quickly find the Stim upgrade chest.

Bogano Stim Canister 2

A Stim Canister can be found right by the Mantis landing site, but you'll need advanced Force abilities to grab it. Lucasfilm / EA

While the final stem canister one of the easiest to find chests on Bogdano, you will have to wait until Kestis has beefed up his Force powers before unlocking it. To access this chest, you'll need to use Force push to nudge the Zeffo sphere into its slot. The best bet is a combination of two Force pushes, the first nudging it up the hill toward the chest. Then, run around to the left side and Force push it again as it the sphere starts rolling back down. Look to line it up with the white rock, as if you're launching the Zeffo sphere into the curve of a skatepark bowl. Inside the chest you'll find a new Stim Canister, upping BD-1's maximum healing capacity.

Should you want more help in tracking down any of the chest locations on Bogano, look to this Trophygamers video to see the hunt for new outfits and lightsaber parts in motion:

There is one final chest to be found on Bogano, with a new paint job for the Mantis inside. But since it's particularly tricky, we created a separate guide explaining in detail how to triumph over the ancient sphere room and secure the Republic Mantis paint scheme.

That's not everything there is to find on Bogano. There are also terrarium seeds to acquire, Life and Force Essences that can increase your combat capacities and Echoes of past events for Kestis to uncover. You can even acquire a bogling companion, who will join you on your ship. There's a lot to do in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.