'Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order' Coming From Respawn in 2019

We first learned about Respawn's Star Wars game during E3 2016, and a few more details about the project have finally surfaced two years later. During EA's EA Play press conference for E3 2018, the developer confirmed 'Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order' will release in 2019.

It takes place when Jedi are being hunted between Episode III and IV. It was described as "dark," "mysterious" and "awesome."

This announcement comes just a few months after Electronic Arts announced the cancellation of the narrative-focused Star Wars title formally in development at Visceral Games. While the leadership of Uncharted Director Amy Hennig wasn't enough to save that game, it looks like EA has plenty of faith in this upcoming project from Respawn. It remains to be seen just how much that lost concept might influence this one.

Do the ideas behind Respawn's Star Wars game sound exciting to you? Will this title recapture the lost inspiration from Visceral's canceled project? Tell us in the comments section!