You're a "Star Wars" fan who can't wait to see Hayden Christensen become Darth Vader in "Revenge of the Sith" (May 19). But wouldn't you rather undergo that transformation? Here are the latest Vader masks--just shell out the $$, and give in to your Dark Side.

Darth Vader 'Episode III' Helmet, $899. From Master Replicas. It's made of fiberglass and lined with foam, suede and leather. The Dark Side: Out in October, it's taken from the studio mold, so it won't fit if your head's bigger than Hayden's. Is that possible?

Silver Color Mask and Helmet Set, $2,000. From Rubie's. It's coated to protect against tarnishing--and comes with a stand. Who said you don't have a good head for decorating? The Dark Side: There are only 500 out there. Supreme Edition Darth Vader, $130. A high-end plastic mask at party stores. Wear it with a black cape on the day the movie opens. The Dark Side: The lenses are tinted "like sunglasses," says a rep, to hide your eyes.

Darth Vader Voice Changer, $30. From Hasbro. It breathes and talks--with sayings like "The Force is with you." The Dark Side: The voice-changer function makes you sound more like Vader on a bad cell phone.