Starbucks Calls Bomb Squad After Man Threatens to Detonate Explosive in Escondido Store

A man was arrested at a Starbucks in Escondido, California, on Sunday after allegedly making a bomb threat, police said.

Employees at the branch of the coffee chain asked a man, identified as David Schertz, 31, to leave after he told them he had a bomb concealed in his bag, reported NBC San Diego. When he refused, they called police.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Bomb/Arson Unit was called to the scene and as a precaution they destroyed the bag. According to Fox 5, investigators later determined that there had been no explosives in the bag. No one was hurt in the incident.

Schertz, who is reportedly homeless, was found by police about a block away from the Starbucks. When they confronted him, he "made some strange statements" about what was in the bag, police spokesman Sergeant Craig Miller told Fox 5. Schertz was charged with resisting arrest and taken into custody.

Starbucks has been at the centre of controversy in recent weeks, after employees in a Philadelphia branch called police to report two black men who had not made an order and were waiting for a friend. Police arrested the men, with the company CEO later apologising for the incident.

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