Starburst Berries and Cream Halloween Costume Is Real, And Here's How to Get It

If you've logged onto TikTok in the past month, you'll instantly recognize the sound of "Berries and Cream"—now, you can get your hands on the costume from Starburst itself, right in time for Halloween.

Starburst is giving 20 TikTok users the chance to go as the internet's favorite "little lad" from 1600s England, as it offers up costumes in a sweepstake-style competition.

Over recent months, the song which once accompanied a 2007 Starburst commercial has reemerged online, becoming a consistently trending song and even finding itself remixed with others.

In 2007, Starburst released the original "Berries and Cream" commercial, promoting the brand's new flavor. The company enlisted the help of a character dubbed the Berries and Cream Boy, portrayed by New York-based performer Jack Ferver.

The commercial was somewhat well received, but certainly talked about, and even led to follow-up tutorials on the dance by Ferver.

Fourteen years later and Gen Z rebirthed the song online, with Ferver even getting in on the action with a popular TikTok account dedicated to the character. What began as a funny song to accompany jokes about feeling old-fashioned, spiraled into never-ending lists of remixes and mashups of popular songs.

Now, users can take the online joke offline, and dress up as the viral character for the upcoming Halloween season. Starburst announced via its TikTok account a competition to give away the costumes.

The costume includes a black bob wig, the iconic jacket with a collar and cuffs, pantaloons and socks.


Post ur #berriesandcream dance 4 a chance to win a Little Lad costume! Use #StarburstLittleLad & sweepstakes. Open til 11:59 ET 10/7 (rules in bio)

♬ STARBURST Berries and Creme Little Lad Dance - starburst

The video can also be seen here.

"It has made us all so happy to see you all, so much so that we want to give some lucky winners the perfect Halloween surprise: a Little Lad costume," they said in the video.

All entrants need to do is post a video doing the Little Lad dance using the same sound Starburst used in the video. If you're unsure about the dance, they made a handy tutorial way back in 2007.

You must add the hashtags, #StarburstLittleLad and #Sweepstakes to the caption of your video.

For those with little rhythm, the competition won't be judged on the best moves, but instead all entrants will be entered into a sweepstake where 20 names will be drawn at random.

The competition is open to U.S. residents who are 18 or older, and winners will be alerted through a comment on the video or DM.

Little Lad fans have until 11:59 ET today, October 7.

Berries and Cream costume
The Berries and Cream costume. Starburst