'Stardew Valley' Multiplayer Now Available on PC

The Stardew Valley multiplayer beta has officially released. The beta allows up to four player co-op work on one farm at the same time. This information comes from an update on the game's Steam page.

To play Stardew Valley with a friend or friends, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on Stardew Valley in your Steam or GOG Galaxy library.
  2. Select the "betas" option in the window that pops up.
  3. Enter the password "jumpingjunimos" then click "Check Code."
  4. If entered properly, select the "beta" option from the drop-down menu.
  5. Wait for Steam to update your copy of Stardew Valley.

It's recommended that players back up their save file before installing the Stardew Valley multiplayer beta to protect any progress.

Once you and your farming buddies have all followed these steps, you'll start playing together on a shared farm. To begin, each player will need a cabin to call home. Build enough cabins on one player's farm to house each player, then back out to the Stardew Valley main menu and open the co-op tab. Your save file should appear on the host tab.

It's even easier if you want to start a fresh game with your friends. Simply open the co-op tab from the main menu and select "Host New Farm." The cabins required for the other players will automatically be built. Up to three cabins can be built, meaning four players (including the host player) can work the same farm at one time.

Once a farm has been set up for multiplayer, there are a number of ways to invite friends. If you have the "friends-only" option selected, your Steam/GOG friends should be able to see your game from the co-op menu and join themselves. It's also possible to set up your farm to be invite-only, which gives your friends codes instead. There's also an option to play together if everyone is all on the same network. More information on how to invite friends to your game can be found on the announcement post.

As of right now, Stardew Valley multiplayer is limited to Steam or GOG. Unfortunately for console gamers, further cross-platform support is not planned at this time due to technical limitations and platform restrictions.

So how does Stardew Valley multiplayer work? All four players will share the same farm, the same bank account, and the same World updates like Community Center goals. Each player will have their own relationships with different townspeople, their own skills and inventory. Players will be able to marry each other by purchasing a wedding ring and right-clicking on their chosen betrothed.

To finish a day, every player must get into his or her bed and answer "yes" to the dialog. Similarly, festivals will not start until all players have entered the location of the festival. Pulling up a menu will not pause the game like it does in single-player mode, but the multiplayer host can pause for everyone by typing "/pause" into the chat box.

The beta is said to include new single-player content as well, but developer ConcernedApe says another post detailing this will be released later. It also hasn't been confirmed when the multiplayer update will leave beta and enter full release.

So what do you think? Are you excited to play Stardew Valley with friends? Will you invite friends to your existing farm or start fresh? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.