'Stardew Valley' Multiplayer Release Date: PC Coming Next Month, Soon on Consoles

Stardew Valley is about to get way more social, thanks to the multiplayer update releasing next month. To celebrate the multiplayer release on PC, Mac and Linux, developer ConcernedApe published a new trailer showing off what gamers can do in Stardew Valley with friends.

While the beta for Stardew Valley multiplayer has been available for a few months now, the feature officially launches for all PC, Mac and Linux players on Aug. 1. To start a multiplayer farm, be sure to follow our steps in this guide.

As seen in the trailer, players will be able to work together on a single farm, while also cooperating in everything else there is to do in the game. This means you can bring a team with you down into the mines for protection while you dig down floor after floor. Or you can all tag along to a holiday party to celebrate with the other townspeople. It's even possible for two players to get married, if you want.

We also have a look at some newer features and gameplay in the trailer. For example, a shot shows four players riding horses, and the horses have fun hats on. Does this mean we can dress up our horses now? I hope so. There's also a look at a bunch of illuminated boats in the ocean, and a group of players talking to a mermaid.

While the multiplayer update has a confirmed release date for PC, those with Stardew Valley console copies will have to keep waiting. The good news is a multiplayer update is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch "soon," according to the trailer. Unfortunately, it looks like cross-platform play will be limited to Steam and GOG for the foreseeable future due to technical limitations and platform restrictions.

So what do you think? Are you excited to start farming with friends when the Stardew Valley multiplayer update releases? What else would you like to see added to Stardew Valley in future updates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.