Stardew Valley Theories: What's Behind Willy's Door In 1.5 Update?

Everyone's favorite fisherman may be getting an expanded storyline in the Stardew Valley 1.5 Update. There's no telling when the update will be released, or what, exactly it will encompass, but Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe has given gamers more than enough to fantasize about while waiting for the official roll out.

In announcing the update on Twitter July 6, the game's creator asked fans to spot a change in Willy's fishing shop. A new door, which was formerly an empty space on the back wall, now holds the key to hundreds of possible theories. What's behind the door, and how will it affect ongoing gameplay?

Stardew Valley 1.5 update... notice anything new in Willy's shop? Progress on the update is coming along steadily. It's still in a "nose to the grindstone" phase, but some good milestones have been met. This update adds a significant new piece of end-game content and much more!

— ConcernedApe (@ConcernedApe) July 6, 2020

While the possibilities are truly endless, there are a few things we think could be good bets for new content. Here are some of the strongest theories from Stardew Valley Reddit, and how they could alter the storyline within Pelican Town.

Willy's House

This theory seems the most likely, as it would follow the design of most of Stardew Valley's other homes. So far, players don't know exactly where Willy lives, and can't interact with his personal belongings.

The door in Willy's fishing shop could lead to his bedroom, or even a full house set up with a kitchen and living room. This would give players a bit more insight into Willy's back story.

Stardew Valley Night Market
The Pelican Town Night Market takes place at the beach for three days every winter. Stardew Valley

Heart Event Content

Players know Willy's personal storyline isn't expanded upon too much within the heart events. Even as each gamer gets to know Willy through gifting him sea cucumbers or a variety of fish, he rarely opens up. Instead, Willy sends recipes through the mail to build on the friendship. We're not complaining, but an emotional storyline could be waiting ahead.

Willy talks about his "Ol 'Pappy" when gifted something he loves, but further details on the character, whether dead or alive, are unknown. Some Reddit commenters think the Old Mariner NPC may even be the ghost of Willy's father. The door could lead to cut scenes and glimpses of Willy's young life, and his true feelings.

A New Suitor

Another popular theory suggests Willy may get a roommate, particularly one that's datable. Stardew Valley fans know their options for marriage are limited. Not every character is single, and there hasn't been a new arrival to shake things up.

It's definitely possible ConcernedApe is looking to expand the characters that live in Stardew Valley, and it would only make sense to show Pelican Town operating like a real town, with new friends coming and going.

A Way to Travel

This one seems a bit far fetched, but incredibly intriguing. Reddit user @MoonSylver proposed the idea of a new island that's accessible from the docs. "Hoping it's a dock out back w/ a boat where you can sail to a new island, w/ new NPC's, a new mine, etc. Kinda like the desert (but hopefully a little bigger?)" they wrote. "Someone else suggested a pirate theme. That would be cool! Also, mermaids please."

It would certainly be a memorable update if the Stardew Valley world grew. New characters, quests and items would be possible. And the island theory holds up with another update reveal. ConcernedApe let players vote on what new fruit they'd like to see in the game. Bananas won, and it doesn't seem impossible for the tropical fruit to be placed on an island of its own.

Thanks for voting... Banana is the winner! Looks like mango is the runner up...

— ConcernedApe (@ConcernedApe) April 8, 2020