Starting Five for Monday

The Clippers wore their warm-up clothes inside out in protest of owner Donald Sterling's racist comments Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

1. Sterling. Silver.

That's Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whose racist comments overshadowed this weekend's NBA playoff games, versus rookie NBA commissioner Adam Silver. The first true test of Silver's tenure. Meanwhile, the NAACP mysteriously changes mind, won't give Sterling that Lifetime Achievement Award next month.   

2. There's No Place Like Road

Home teams are 12-18 in the first round of the NBA playoffs thus far. Maybe it's the thread-count factor at those four-star hotels.

3. Step Brothers

Then again, maybe road teams are faring so well because the NBA no longer penalizes traveling, as this clip of Jeremy Lin reveals.

NBA contests feature more egregious uncalled displays of traveling than a slo-mo montage from "White Men Can't Jump."

4. Chelsea Morning

In English Premier League action, second-place Blues silenced first-place Liverpool, 2-0, to set up a wide-open final few weeks in the EPL.Chelsea also in semi-finals of Champions League.

5. Ugly Betty

On "Mad Men," Bobby Draper barters a sandwich for gum drops, and his mom, Betty, treats him as if it were the worst trade since the Messiah for 30 pieces of silver. "I wish it was yesterday," Bobby tells his stepdad, which for many is an apt epitaph for the Sixties.


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