State Employee Allegedly Posts That All Immigrants Should Be Shot at Border to Save Americans 'Billions' on Taxes

An Oregon state employee is under investigation over comments she allegedly made about immigration, a state agency announced Wednesday. The comments— which referenced shooting immigrants at the border—were posted on Facebook, but it wasn't immediately clear when.

Oregon's Transportation Department told KMTR-TV that the post was made by an employee's account and they were trying to determine if the woman, Lori McAllen, was responsible for the post.

"We're aware of a post that has been rapidly circulating through social channels espousing views offensive & abhorrent to the values of our agency," the Oregon Department of Transportation in a statement. "There is an active investigation into the matter. Thank you to those who have shared your concerns and we take this matter seriously."

The post attributed to the employee said: "I personally think they should shoot them all at the border and call it good … it'll save us hard working AMERICAN'S [sic] billions of dollars on our taxes!! ; )"

The department did not immediately respond to Newsweek's request for comment.

A photo of the woman and her Facebook profile photo and cheerful profile message juxtaposed with the alleged comments spread all over Twitter. The profile message reads "I don't have room in my hear for drama, disrespect or hate … either love your life or make a change."

The alleged comments come amid a heated national controversy over immigration.

President Donald Trump campaigned on stricter limitations on legal and illegal immigration and has promoted the idea of a "border wall."

"They're not sending their finest. We're sending them the hell back. That's what we're doing," Trump said at a Minnesota rally Wednesday.

The comments came hours after Trump signed an executive order that aimed to end a controversial practice of separating children from adults when they are caught crossing the border. The separations were the result of the administration pushing a new "zero tolerance" policy, announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this year.

The policy was to prosecute as many people crossing the border as possible, resulting in more than 2,000 children being separated from their parents in recent weeks.

Trump, despite falsely claiming that he could do nothing about the practice and blaming Congress, caved to national political pressure as outrage about the practice reached a fever pitch. The order may face a legal battle and doesn't address the already separated children.