State Senate Members Call For Andrew Cuomo's Impeachment Amid Release of AG Report

Members of the New York State Senate are calling for the impeachment of Governor Andrew Cuomo after multiple sexual harassment allegations have been brought to light.

Democratic members of the Assembly held a conference Tuesday afternoon to discuss the potentiality for the impeachment, and many members of the Senate called publicly for his removal.

Speaker Carl Heastie wrote in a statement that following their conference, "it is abundantly clear to me that the Governor has lost the confidence of the Assembly Democratic majority and that he can no longer remain in office."

"Once we receive all relevant documents and evidence from the Attorney General, we will move expeditiously and look to conclude our impeachment investigation as quickly as possible."

State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins wrote in an official statement, "Now that the investigation is complete and the allegations have been substantiated, it should be clear to everyone that he can no longer serve as Governor."

Stewart-Cousins also told NY1, "For the sake of the state of New York and the people, the governor should resign."

According to researchers, as of now, 83 percent of members of the New York State Senate and 56 percent of State Assembly members have called on Cuomo to resign or be impeached.

"Today's findings from the AG's Office are a horrifying reminder of what women are often expected to endure in silence. I'm in awe of your bravery. We owe you accountability," New York Senate Assemblywoman Sarah Clark tweeted on Tuesday. "If Governor Cuomo will not resign, we must impeach."

Today’s findings from the AG’s Office are a horrifying reminder of what women are often expected to endure in silence. I’m in awe of your bravery. We owe you accountability.

If Governor Cuomo will not resign, we must impeach.

— Sarah Clark (@sarahhartclark) August 3, 2021

And Assemblymember John Rivera released a public statement, saying, "Given the nature of today's report, I am also prepared to vote 'Yes' on any impeachment proceeding."

"The Attorney General's investigation has documented repulsive and unlawful behavior by the Governor towards multiple women. I believe these brave women and admire their courage coming forward," Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, a loyal member of Cuomo's administration, said on Tuesday. "No one is above the law. Under the New York Constitution, the Assembly will now determine the next steps."

If Cuomo were to be impeached, he would be the first governor impeached in the state of New York since 1913.

President Joe Biden called earlier Tuesday for Cuomo to resign as well, saying, "I'm sure some embraces were totally innocent, but apparently the attorney general decided some weren't."

"These allegations are deeply disturbing," said New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, "and I do believe he should resign."

On Tuesday, New York State Attorney General Letitia James released information from a months-long probe into several sexual allegations against Cuomo. There are 11 complainants whose allegations are set forth in great detail in the report. Nine of them are or were employed by the state of New York, or a state-affiliated entity.

The full report of the investigation can be read here.

Calls for Cuomo's resignation or impeachment came also from one of his accusers and one of Cuomo's former aides, Charlotte Bennett.

"Resign, @NYGovCuomo," she tweeted, tagging him.

And New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik tweeted there should be "zero tolerance" and that Cuomo should "resign immediately" while sharing one of Cuomo's tweets from 2013, in which he stated, "There should be a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment & must send a clear message that this behavior is not tolerated."

Zero tolerance means Cuomo must RESIGN IMMEDIATELY.

Cuomo from 2013👇

— Elise Stefanik (@EliseStefanik) August 3, 2021

Earlier this year, elected officials from both parties in New York called on Cuomo to resign in the wake of the initial round of the allegations, including top lawmakers in the legislature as well as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The governor has repeatedly questioned the integrity of the investigation, which he authorized on February 28 after three women came forward accusing him of inappropriate behavior.

He has so far denied all allegations and has apologized for offending anyone with his behavior. However, he has sought to carry on business as usual, all the while dismissing calls for his resignation.

"The independent investigation has concluded that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, and in doing so violated federal and state law," Attorney General James said at a news conference Tuesday.

"None of this would have been illuminated if not for the heroic women who came forward," the attorney general said. "And I am inspired by all the brave women who came forward. But more importantly, I believe them. And I thank them for their bravery."

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The New York State Senate has called for the impeachment of Governor Andrew Cuomo after New York State Attorney General Letitia James released the findings of multiple sexual harassment allegations. Spencer Platt/Getty Images