College calendars include exams and holidays but leave out an important annual event: when students are most likely to get tested for STDs. The peak seasons, according to each school's sexual-health and wellness center:

U Penn
Post-spring break
Students regret risky business once back from warmer climes

U Arizona
Every Monday
Wild on the weekends

U Alaska
End of October
Snow falls; dorm life heats up

U Georgia
Football season
Parties, beer, bad decisions

U Wisconsin
October and April
Undergrads are too busy moving in at the beginning of term, too stressed studying for finals at the end

Basketball season
Anything goes in 'tent city'

Boise State
Before Christmas and spring break
Students want to know before going home. How to tell 'rents?

U Colorado
No spike
Health clinic booked solid year round. Go, Buffaloes.