Stephen Colbert Says Joe Biden Is the Reason Republicans Won Virginia

Stephen Colbert said the reason Republicans snatched victory in Virginia's gubernatorial race was due to voters being "upset" with President Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, The Late Show host spoke about the disappointing performance for Democrats in gubernatorial races across the country.

In Virginia, Republicans pulled off a stunning victory as Glenn Youngkin overcame the odds to beat Terry McAuliffe, becoming the first of his party elected as governor for the state since November 2009.

In response to the Democrats' crushing defeat, Colbert said: "So, it was a disappointing night for Democrats, but Democrats are used to being disappointed. That's why they are changing their logo from the donkey to Eeyore."

But the host explained why he was not surprised by the result and said he had "already endured the worst election in American history," recalling his personal despair when Donald Trump was elected as president in 2016.

Referring to articles on CNN and the New York Times, Colbert said: "You see, both Virginia and New Jersey have a historical pattern of electing governors in off-year elections who are from the opposite party of the sitting president.

"In Virginia, it's happened in 10 of the last 11 elections. It makes sense because people tend to vote more when they're upset with the person in power. And right now, that person is Joe Biden. Voting is like democracy's Yelp! review. You never leave a comment when the soup was tasty, but if you bring me still water when I asked for sparkling, I will burn your bistro to the ground."

During the campaign, Governor-elect Youngkin focused on "parental rights" and incited conservative outrage on issues such as critical race theory, mask mandates and vaccination requirements.

McAuliffe, instead, aimed to siphon moderate Republican support by comparing Youngkin to former President Trump and took an opposite stance from Youngkin on pandemic restrictions.

As Democrats carry out a post-mortem on their defeat in Virginia, recent polls have delivered a dire diagnosis on Biden's approval ratings.

While Biden remains more popular than Trump, his approval ratings have plummeted since he entered office in January.

Recent polls put Trump and Biden's favorability ratings within 2 to 4 percentage points of each other, although the Democrat regularly was higher than his Republican rival.

An NBC News poll shared on Sunday found 40 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed had a positive view of Biden and 38 percent had a positive view of Trump.

Newsweek has contacted Youngkin's team for comment.

Stephen Colbert said voters rejected Joe Biden
Stephen Colbert said voters rejected Joe Biden when they went to the polls in Virginia. Getty