Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump Jr. for Getting Virginia Election Day Wrong: 'Turns Out Eric Is the Smart One'

With President Donald Trump out of the country, his son Donald Trump Jr. decided to urge people to vote Tuesday in the Virginia gubernatorial election. Except he completely messed it up, and, of course, Stephen Colbert had great fun at his expense.

On Tuesday, Trump Jr. told Virginians to go to the polls and vote for Republican candidate Ed Gillespie "tomorrow"—except the election took place Tuesday. And Gillespie lost.

On The Late Show, Colbert remarked: "Donald Jr. woke up this morning to urge people to get the vote out...but maybe he should've waited until he'd had his morning cup of hair gel."

"The election was today, not tomorrow," Colbert added, joking: "#WhoopsyDaisy #TurnsOutEricIsTheSmartOne."

But once wasn't enough for Don Jr. The first son "repeated his mistake," said Colbert, "tweeting a second time that Virginia voters should cast a ballot for Gillespie a day late."

"But then realizing his mistake, he went back and screwed it up again. A few hours later he tweeted 'VA, the future of the Commonwealth is at stake GET OUT & VOTE TODY.'"

Colbert snarked: "I don't know who Tody is...but you should vote for him."

The comedian continued that Trump Jr.'s tweets were "rapidly devolving" and joked that he might next tweet: "Please vote for Ted Galoshes for Gov of Vagina!"

But Colbert offered Don Jr. some leeway. "He must be under tremendous pressure. Because for the next seven days, because he is the only Donald Trump in the western hemisphere," he said, referring to President Trump's Asia visit.

It's the second social media blunder for Trump Jr. in as many weeks. Last week, he was roundly mocked online for tweeting that he would teach his daughter about socialism by taking away some of her Halloween candy.