Stephen King and Joe Hill Netflix Movie 'In The Tall Grass,' Inspired by Spider-Man Crapping His Pants, To Star Patrick Wilson

Netflix has been a good home for new Stephen King adaptations, particularly 2017's Gerald's Game, and their 2019 plans look just as promising with a new movie from Splice director and Hannibal alum Vincenzo Natali. Deadline reports Natali's adaptation of In The Tall Grass, co-authored by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill for Esquire, is now filming in Toronto, with Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring) starring.

In the Tall Grass, published in two parts in 2012, follows a sister and brother into a field of tall grass, where a young boy calls out for help. Nothing is as it seems in the tall grass and the siblings soon find they're unable to leave … and may have been lured to their deaths.

In an Esquire interview timed to the original release of In the Tall Grass, Hill says the novella is inspired by stories his dad used to make up about Spider-Man. "Peter Parker would always be on vacation wherever we were. And something would always happen to his bowels. My dad intuitively grasped that the threat of death was bad enough, but the threat of humiliation was worse. It was mortifying to imagine Parker fighting the Lizard, getting a wallop in the stomach, and his bowels giving way."

Between projects, Hill felt inspired to write something spontaneous; they put together a first draft for In the Tall Grass in twelve days. "It seemed like a goof, like one of those Spider-Man stories," Hill said.

"It was a blast," King added.

Netflix's In the Tall Grass also stars Laysla De Oliveira and Harrison Gilbertson (Picnic at Hanging Rock).