Howard Stern Praises Trump as Great Guest for Rating Ivanka's Attractiveness, Saying 'Anything' in His Mind

Famed satellite radio shock jock Howard Stern praised President Donald Trump for being such a "great guest" on his show in the past due to the president's ability to answer any question and to say "anything in his mind."

Stern, appearing on former Late Show host David Letterman's Netflix program, explained what it was like to have Trump as a guest on his national program, revealing what a treat it was to have a guest as open and honest as Trump. The full interview is expected to air on Netflix May 31.

"To me a guest who comes on and says anything that is in his mind is a great guest, and he would get on, and no matter what I asked him he would answer, in a very sincere and thought out way," Stern said in a clip released Monday.

Stern also described Trump's willingness to discuss his views on the appearance of a range of women, including his own daughter who he famously described as a "great beauty."

"Donald, and I'd always call him Mr. Trump, he liked that, Stern said. "I'd say Mr. Trump, tell me who are the great beauties. If I ask you some names can you tell me who the great beauties are. He goes, 'First of all, straight-face, 'the great beauties, Howard, are not actresses. It's models and a lot of these girls who work in the…anyone who works in the entertainment industry really I've only seen sixes and sevens."

Stern continued: "I'd say, 'Donald, I think Angelina Jolie is a great beauty,'" Stern said, to which Trump replied: "Seven!"

Trump later said, according to Stern: "'He goes, 'You know who's a great beauty? My daughter Ivanka. Now she's a 10.'"

Trump appeared often on Stern's show years before he entered the nation's political realm, and many of his interviews with Stern have received heavy scrutiny. In September, Newsweek unearthed 15 hours of Trump interviews with Stern from 1993 to 2015, during which the future president discussed behavior like groping his wife Melania in public and that he thought Ivanka Trump "looked down" on him.

Earlier this year, Stern encouraged Trump to "get the f**k out" of the White House and to resume his life as a billionaire.