Steve Bannon Says Republicans 'Will Hold' Senate in Midterm Elections But House Will be 'Dog Fight

Steve Bannon thinks the Republican wipeout predicted for the upcoming midterm elections is being blown out of proportion. The former White House chief strategist appeared on John Catsimatidis radio show on Sunday and suggested Republicans will be able to maintain some of their position in Congress when voters take to the polls on November 6.

"This contest for the midterm election… is Trump's first reelect. This is a referendum on Trump … I think it's tight. And the Senate, we'll hold it—pick up maybe two or three seats," Bannon said.

As for the House, the former investment banker said there would likely be a tough match between Democrats and Republicans. "The House is a complete dogfight. It can go either way. Right now there are 25 seats that are clearly up for grabs… If Trump voters turned out, I actually think we'll hold the House," Bannon said.

"All this promise of this massive [blue] tsunami is over. This is going to be very hard fought. It'll come down to a handful of districts. I think this is a very narrow gate that the Republicans have to go through. But I think there's a chance to actually hold the House," he continued. "Now, it's incumbent that the Trump voters get out … because this thing is going to come down to the wire."

FiveThrityEight's latest poll predicted only a 15 percent chance Republicans would be able to maintain the house, while the odds of Democrats gaining control reached 84 percent. Polls for the Senate showed nearly an 83 percent chance of Republicans holding their position in the midterms.

In addition to sharing his midterm predictions, Bannon went on to praise the president for his stance on the caravan of asylum seekers headed to the U.S. from Central America.

"We have to get engaged down there. The problems of those people can't be solved by the working-class people in Arizona and New Mexico and Texas. It has to be solved in Central America. And I think it's going to require more engagement," Bannon said. "There has to be some sort of American leadership in order to sort this out, or we are going to be continually inundated with this problem. Trump is going to stop playing games with Congress after this election. And he's going to force his border wall."

Steve Bannon Says Republicans 'Will Hold' Senate in Midterm Elections But House Will be 'Dog Fight | U.S.