Steve Bannon Says Bernie Sanders Has 'Been Screwed by the Democratic Party,' Ensures Trump Will 'Run the Tables' in 2020 Election

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told Bill Maher Friday that the Democratic Party "screwing" Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in Iowa is a sure sign President Donald Trump is set for re-election.

Bannon accused the Democrats of "arrogance" on Real Time with Bill Maher as he ridiculed the party's propping up of billionaire Michael Bloomberg as a "savior" for committing billions of dollars just to defeat Trump. Bannon said he "likes Bernie" because he's a populist candidate similar to Trump, and he chastised the Democratic Party for suppressing Sanders voters in the Iowa caucus "debacle." In a tit-for-tat exchange with Maher Friday, Bannon said Democrats "whine about everything" after Maher complained that the only reason Republicans win is the Electoral College being "rigged" in their favor.

"It's that mentality that has you in this place today, and that place today is you have Trump about to run the tables. You have a totally divided Democratic Party," Bannon said, eliciting agreement from Maher. "Because nobody sat there after 2016 and said, 'Why did we lose?' The same arrogance that you saw with the people in Brooklyn who would not send Hillary Clinton to Michigan...Trump reached out to these working class people and connected with them."

Sanders voters are doing what they did in 2016, Bannon argued, saying they have their "belly full with the Clintons. They either don't vote or come vote for Trump."

Bannon laid out his version of the Iowa caucus fallout, saying Democratic leaders realized Sanders was going to win and once again "screwed" him out of the victory last week.

"With this attitude, you know the beauty? We're going to keep winning. I love this. How can you sit here and have a Republican oligarch that is going to be the salvation of the Democratic Party? Bernie has been screwed by the Democratic Party. Look at last week. They wouldn't allow the poll to be released where it showed him up four. As soon as he starts closing in, the Democratic Party steps in and says, 'Hey, let's have a re-canvass.'"

"It's the same arrogance you see in Iowa about this app," he noted.

Bannon said that many Democrats are looking to people like Bloomberg, who he described as a Republican, because they want to be "saved by an oligarch."

After Maher complained about the Electoral College being rigged in favor of Republicans, Bannon shot back. "This is what I love about you guys, you've got to whine about everything," he said. "You know what the rules are and you can't win."

Maher lamented throughout the show that Trump had his "best week ever," after he was acquitted of the impeachment charges and then began retaliating against anyone who opposed him during the process. The HBO host referred to Trump as "Mango Unchained" and labeled the Republican Party part of the president's "extended crime family."

"We've all had a rough week, I feel like a copy of Nancy Pelosi's State of the Union speech," Maher quipped during his opening monologue on his program.

"We are living in the age of revenge. Today John Bolton disappeared and his mustache came up in the mail. I'm just saying if you see Trump on Fifth Avenue with a gun walk the other way because he can pretty much do anything ... yesterday was the scariest day ever with him."

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Steve Bannon told Bill Maher Friday that the Democratic Party "screwing" Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in Iowa last week is a sure sign President Donald Trump is set for re-election. Screenshot: HBO Real Time with Bill Maher | YouTube