Steve Irwin's Son Shares 'Monster Tooth' That Popped Out of Crocodile's Mouth

Robert Irwin shared a picture of a "monster tooth" from a crocodile's mouth on his Instagram page. The TV presenter, 17, who works at Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland, posted the snap on June 10, to his 2.7 million followers.

The son of the late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin captioned the snap, writing: "Look at the size of this tooth! Swipe to see who it belongs to ->."

In the photograph, Irwin is holding the huge tooth between his thumb and forefinger, and it appears to be over three inches in length.

The second image shows the teenager about to feed a crocodile some meat as the animal protrudes from the water with jaws open.

He explained: "Crocs naturally lose and regrow their teeth throughout their whole life.

"During a feed with 'Bosco' this monster tooth popped out. Crocs like him could have over 60 of these in their jaws at any one time!"

So far the photograph has been liked more than 108,361 times, and many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One Instagram user, renae.jones, wrote: "Great to watch the show today at Australia Zoo! I was so happy to have you run the croc section."

Another person, _nicki_hs_, added: "Hope it didn't come off in your leg! haha I would make it into a necklace."

Isabelladollar typed: "That's awesome, Robert!! I can't wait to work with animals when I get older."

Burgess.moon commented: "Don't try to pop it back in. Could be dangerous. M x."

Erinphotography.animalfacts asked: "Wow he's amazing and he's beautiful! Did you keep the tooth?!"

The 17-year-old is no stranger to large reptiles, having lived at Australia Zoo since he was a young child.

He was just one month old when his famous father came under fire for feeding one of the crocodiles while holding him. Back in 2004, Steve Irwin held his son as he fed a dead chicken to a 13-foot crocodile called Murray.

The scene was televized, and showed Irwin announcing that now his child was a month old it was "about time Bob got out there and did his first croc demo."

Despite garnering many complaints, the acting premier of Queensland state, Terry Mackenroth, told Australian ABC radio that: "They (the Irwins) claim that the child was not in danger. They understand people's concerns and have assured Children's Services that it won't happen again."

Steve Irwin tragically died back in 2006 after he was pierced in the chest by a stingray barb.

Robert Irwin, Steve Irwin's son
Robert Irwin back in 2018 in Hollywood, California. On Instagram, the 17 year old has shared a snap of a huge crocodile's tooth. Getty Images