Where to Find the Steve Madden Bags Everyone Is Obsessing Over on TikTok

The internet has once again sent people into a frenzy over an apparent must-have product. This time, it's Steve Madden bags that have TikTok users and viewers in a headlock.

If you've been on the TikTok app over the last week then you've likely seen videos of people literally rushing to their cars to track down the popular Steve Madden bags all over their FYP.

This trend sees two different Steve Madden bags take the forefront, with both priced at under $30. Fashion lovers have been hailing them as dupes for popular bags from high-end brands such as Chloe and Marc Jacobs, at a far lower price.

Both bag feature a square shape and both have one shoulder strap along with a cross-body length one too. The "Bevelyn" features a matte faux leather material with the words "Steve Madden" in lettering on top, while the "Bwebber" is a beige tote design with brown or pink straps.


Literally went to 3 different TJ Maxx and a Burlington and finally found it at Marshall’s! This will be my new Spring bag 💐 #AFairShotWithBlock #stevemadden #stevemaddendupes

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TikTok is Obsessed

It goes without saying that TikTok has an insane ability to help sell out products and make something a must-have. It's worked its magic once more with these Steve Madden bags, as videos rack up hundreds of thousands of views, and even millions for a select few.

Users have been sharing their journey to track down the bags on their TikTok accounts, proving both successful and unsuccessful.

"Guys, I found them after looking for days, I want to scream," wrote user @jessicasantana5407 after finally finding a Steve Madden bag.

@cristy_mua claimed she headed straight from work after seeing the viral TikTok bag, explaining in a video: "I was like 'I need that bag in my life' but I don't have any TJ Maxx close to me so I ran after work to the closest TJ Maxx."

She added that she managed to purchase the last one at the store.

TikTokers have also been showing their failed attempts at tracking down the bag, with one user, @mimigarcia818, writing that she "looked everywhere" before vowing to try another location.

Videos of the bag are met with pleas from other users begging for the exact location they managed to find theirs.

Where to Buy One of the Steve Madden TikTok Bags

Those unfettered from the difficulties many have encountered while finding the precious bag, are potentially set for a similar fate.

The bags, both the Bwebber and Bevelyn, are no longer stocked by Steve Madden itself, or any of its stocklisters, where they are flagged as "sold out." Instead, the bags can be found at discount stores TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Although this means the bags are cheaper, it also makes them far harder to come by.

The Bevelyn is priced at $29.99 while the Bwebber is $24.99.

Neither bags are available online at either stores, and can only be purchased in-store. TikTok users' best bet is top simply visit both TJ Maxx and Marshalls in person, or call the store ahead of time to see if they're able to let you know if they have any in stock.

Newsweek contacted TJX, parent company of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, who were unable to confirm how many bags were available or at which locations.

"While we have a longstanding policy of not discussing specific vendors, our stores are known for our ever-changing merchandise, with new high quality, brand name, and designer merchandise arriving in our stores several times a week. We love seeing our fans get excited about their 'treasure hunt' for the best finds. You never know when or where another designer handbag will pop up," a spokesperson told Newsweek.

With the huge demand for the bags, some have seized the opportunity to make some extra money, with the bags posted on sites such as PoshMark, Depop and eBay in the last few days.

Unsurprisingly however, most have amped up prices and are also already sold.


Just in time for my vacation. I found them at Marshall’s, they literally were just bringing them out! The quality feels amazing #stevemadden #stevemaddenpurse #viral #fyp #handbagscollection

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Update 04/08/22, 05:31 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include a statement from TJX.

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