Steven Crowder Shares Selfie From Hospital Bed, Says He Could 'Physically Feel Death'

Steven Crowder shared a selfie from his hospital bed on Tuesday, as he wrote in an accompanying caption that he could "physically feel death."

The former Fox News contributor, 34, posted a photo of himself wearing a nasal cannula on Twitter and Instagram, as he thanked fans for their support.

"Last night took a turn for the worse," he captioned the image. "Ever actually get so close that you can physically feel death? He's a d***. The good news is, it's fixable and these things happen. I'll be back before you know it. Thanks for the support."

The Louder With Crowder host shared on his Instagram feed on July 1 that he was undergoing an operation, which he later revealed to be pectus surgery.

Posting a snap of himself in a mask and hospital gown, he wrote: "Going into surgery momentarily. Thank you again for the kind words and prayers."

He has since shared a series of photos showing his recovery in hospital. On July 9, he posted a scan of his chest and an image of his bandaged torso, as he wrote: "I kind of like my new bionic chest... #changemymind."

Two days later, he shared a shirtless selfie and discussed his feelings about his appearance, revealing that he had undergone pectus surgery.

Pectus excavatum is a congenital disorder that causes the chest to have a sunken appearance and runs the risk of squeezing the lungs and heart because the breastbone and ribs curve inwards.

"I am currently a 'before' picture," wrote Crowder. "This picture was taken within 48 hours of my pectus surgery. I gained 12lbs of fluid in one night and another few packed on over a couple of days. For the first time in my adult life, I weighed 250lbs.

"You can see that some flesh has been moved around, and it's all just unsightly. Why am I posting this? Because as of right now, there is no 'after' picture. It doesn't exist. And considering that I can't walk the stairs without getting winded right now, that 'after' picture probably won't exist for a solid six months.

"Now is this setback due to serious, invasive surgery? Sure. But here's the thing, I don't feel good about how I look. And sure, I can chalk it up to surgery, to injuries, to the genetic defects which LED to the surgery.

"But if I want to feel better about myself, no one else can do it for me. Just as surely as I couldn't perform this complicated surgery, my brilliant surgeon can't MAKE me fit again. Only I can. It may not be fair. It may not be fun, it simply is.

"I hate it when people post 'before/after' side by sides with lighting tricks or some supplement sponsorship where they strategically pick the before/after pictures AFTER the fact.

"I'm looking down what's going to be a pretty long, tough road (though not nearly as hard as others). But this is me today. There is no 'after' picture. In 6 months, there will be. Hold me to it."

Late last week, Crowder posted a video that showed him shooting his handgun at a range, and commenting that "recovery is OK. It could be going better. I've been retaining fluid around the lungs, so everything is excruciatingly painful. Including breathing.

"But the good folks at Mayo have been trying at-home options to accelerate the healing process here, as the next stop would involve being re-admitted and popping in another chest tube. That would suck. Basically, people go through a lot worse, and so I've no right to complain. But things are pretty rough right now."

Steven Crowder shares selfie from hospital bed
Steven Crowder shared a selfie from his hospital bed on Tuesday, as he wrote about things taking a "turn for the worse." Steven Crowder/Instagram