Sticking the Dismount or Jumping the Shark, These Are the Worst TV Show Endings Ever

There are few things more unsatisfying for a pop culture fanatic than spending hours on a television show or movie that ends up having an awful ending.

Like, with How I Met Your Mother: Did Robin and Barney's wedding really need to take up an entire season, just for them to ultimately break up in the series finale? Or in Titanic: Seriously, after a three-hour story that's supposed to hinge on a rare jewel, old Rose just tosses the Heart of the Ocean into the water?

Twitter users shared their least-favorite endings on Friday. Here's what they griped about:

Many fans agreed that the series finale of Game of Thrones was lacking. "Rushed storylines, unearned twists, shock value, mistreatment of its female and Black characters, plot holes and contrivances, shallow characters, laughable dialogue, anticlimactic deaths, lack of knowledge of the world, plot armor, etc..." one person tweeted, summing up what many felt. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren were both notably disappointed with the finale as well.

halloween jon snow
Kit Harington as Jon Snow in "Game of Thrones." Some fans were unhappy with the ending to the HBO series. HBO

There was even a petition created last year to remake the series' final season, which garnered over 1.8 million signatures. That basically amounts to little more than a temper tantrum, but still! People were clearly let down.

Many agree that How I Met Your Mother had the worst ending ever. After nine seasons of delightful storytelling by Josh Radnor's Ted Mosby about how he met the mother to his children, we finally get to meet the mother... only for her to die in a flash-forward, freeing up Ted to go for Robin. "He was the worst at giving advice," one user wrote.

"How I Met Your Mother was the absolute worst ending of a good show," another lamented. "I know compare all show endings to this on (sic)! I get mad even thinking about it."

David Chase's infamous cut to a black screen that ended Sopranos had fans upset in 2007, and they're still reeling about it. Was Tony Soprano whacked? Madonne, who knows. "The night we thought our cable went out at the most opportune time!" one person shared. "Joke was on us."

Ten years later, people are also still upset about Lost's ending, which... never mind, it's not worth trying to explain. Anyway, one person said that the series owed them back three years of their life.

The ending of James Cameron's Titanic still has fans harping on it. There was definitely room for Jack to join Rose on that floating door! And again, just throwing the Heart of the Ocean away—unbelievable.

Amid some of the more popular opinions, there were also some folks complaining about less obvious endings. One fan was unhappy about the series finale of Full House being all about Michelle Tanner.

Another person said that they always skip the ending of Grease.

Someone else was particularly dismissive of the animated Disney film Brave.

To each their own. Did your "Worst Ending Ever" make the cut?