'Still the Best': KFC Employee Shows How Mashed Potatoes Are Made and Some Are Not Happy

On Tuesday, a KFC employee posted a TikTok video showing her viewers how the restaurant's mashed potatoes are made. The video has received more than 400,000 views, and while some commenters remain fans of the fast-food chain's popular side dish, others expressed their disappointment for the KFC potato-making process.

The video begins with TikToker @modaciouss filling a plastic tub with three quarts of hot water. She then throws a packet on the counter of the prep area labeled "KFC One Step Mashed Potato Mix." With both ingredients prepped, she combines the two, using a whisk to stir the mix into the water. After a few moments, the potatoes are ready to be served.

People were understandably upset to discover that KFC's famous mashed potatoes are instant.

"I'm pretty sure that's the same way they make Play-Doh and it can't be legally called food," commented one TikToker named Marc.

"I kinda expected this but it's still disappointing to see," said a user named Griffin.

One commenter was rather blunt with their opinion: "wallpaper paste."

But while many were quick to cast judgment on the process, others reminded the naysayers of the fact that KFC is fast food.

"Can't believe people are surprised," said one user. "Like fast food is obviously not going to be fresh."

"I feel sorry for anyone that thought they really boiled potatoes and all," wrote a commenter by the name of Alida.

Many shared that they love KFC's mashed potatoes, instant or not.

"[I don't care] if they are instant," said a commenter named Holden. "They [sic] still better than life itself."

TikToker Amanda agreed. "Still the best instant mashed potatoes ever," she wrote.

The KFC employee also posted several TikToks showing users how the franchise makes its gravy, hot wings, mac 'n cheese and pot pies. The gravy, like the potatoes, is instant.

The internet has come to love behind-the-scenes TikToks from their favorite restaurant chains. Last month, one Wendy's employee went viral on TikTok for showing their viewers how the restaurant's "all-natural" lemonade was made. In that video, the TikToker described the process as "pouring a carton in a bucket and stirring it."

Chick-fil-A also made headlines earlier this month when an employee took to TikTok to show how much food their particular location threw out on a given day. The post acquired millions of views and started a heated online debate over food waste and safety.

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An employee created a TikTok to show the internet how the restaurant's famous mashed potatoes are made. Some people were disappointed to learn the truth. Yuriko Nakao / Contributor/Getty