On Twitter, Stormy Daniels Slays Trump Trolls and Steers a National Conversation

There's no denying that Donald Trump knows how to use Twitter to his advantage. In 2016, he rode his blustery, often error-prone missives to a surprise victory that shocked the world and steered a national conversation. But, a year into his presidency, there's a very different Twitter user who appears to have commandeered the ship, one whom the president probably hopes we'd soon all forget: Stormy Daniels.

Since going public about her alleged affair with Trump, Daniels's wry, smart and wicked fast Twitter replies to some of her detractors have proved to be at turns entertaining, profane, depressing and, yes, salacious. The adult film star, who was allegedly paid $130,000 in 2016 to keep quiet about her sexual rendezvous with the president, has dished on everything from Trump to the nuances of the English language, racking up close to 600,000 Twitter followers in the process.

Below, you'll find a sampling of some of Daniels's most popular tweets, comebacks, and taunts. If her Sunday interview on 60 Minutes is anything like her Twitter feed, it'll definitely be one to watch.

She has no qualms about starring in adult films, despite the onslaught of people who insult her for it:

and she's passionate about grammar, spelling and semantics

If you troll her, she will likely troll you back.