Watch: 'Straight Pride' Organizer Says His Organization is 'Peaceful Racist Group,' Crowd Bursts Out Laughing

The leader of the National Straight Pride Coalition did not help his case for holding a "straight pride" rally in California with a slip up on Wednesday—calling his organization a "totally peaceful racist group."

"You attacked us as racists," the coalition's director Don Grundmann said at a Modest City Council meeting.

"You pulled the race card to justify attacks against us in that park," Grundmann said to council member Kristi Ah You, who opposed the event. "We haven't done anything. We're a totally peaceful racist group."

Ah You did a face palm and she and some audience members laughed so loudly that Grundmann, who had a microphone, could not be heard correcting his mistake about his group. The laughter subsided only after Republican Mayor Ted Brandvold hit the gavel.

One of the organizers of the Straight Pride event in Modesto accidentally called his organization a “peaceful racist group” 🙄

— Austin Castro (@MeAustinC) August 8, 2019

Grundmann told The Washington Post on Friday that "it was just a verbal gaffe" and that he is not racist. He also claimed that the LGBTQ community wants to add so many letters to the acronym that it could normalize sex with kids.

He called claims that he is racist "selective news, fake news."

Grundmann also told USA Today on Thursday that saying his coalition is "racist" was a mistake and bashed the Modesto City Council for "working overtime" to prevent his rally from happening.

"We're being viciously smeared and lied about that we're racists," Grundmann said, adding that Planned Parenthood is "the main source of racism in our nation." He also said his First Amendment rights should be respected.

A spokesman for the Modesto city manager's office, Thomas Reeves, said Grundmann's application is being reviewed and considered in light of freedom of speech. If approved, the rally would not mean the city endorses the coalition's views, Reeves said.

"You better believe that we have been ensuring that we are within the confines of the law and not straying outside of it," Reeves told USA Today. He added that safety is a concern and that the city could request that the coalition hold it at a different location.

Grundmann has run unsuccessfully for Senate on platforms that include same-sex marriage and putting a stop to immigration. His rally planned at a park amphitheater is scheduled for August 24, according to a flyer on Facebook.

A straight pride parade has been approved to take place in Boston on August 31. Critics have condemned it for having links to far-right activists.

Don Grundmann Straight Pride
Don Grundmann (L) and Jeffrey Amman take debate opposite views on same sex marriage while standing outside the California Supreme court March 4, 2008, in San Francisco, California. David Paul Morris/Getty