'Straight Pride' Parade Is Apparently a Thing in Boston, and Twitter Has Something to Say About It

We're barely a week into Pride Month and news of a "Straight Pride" Parade in Boston has many feeling "disappointed." The event's coordinator, Mark Sahady, took to Facebook May 30 to make the announcement that Straight Pride "will happen."

"It looks like the Boston Straight Pride Parade will happen. We filed a discrimination complaint and it appears the City of Boston understands they would lose in litigation," Sahady wrote. "The city is now working with us on the parade. We will have the streets closed and be allowed to have floats and vehicles."

He continued: "The tentative date is 8/31 but will be finalized in the next few weeks. The proposed parade route is below. If you would like to come as an individual, march as a group, or bring a float or vehicle, then get in touch."

"This is our chance to have a patriotic parade in Boston as we celebrate straight pride," Sahady concluded.

Twitter users quickly seized upon the announcement mainly bashing the premise behind the event and calling "every day" Straight Pride day.

"I'm embarrassed that this nonsense of a Straight Pride Parade is happening in my hometown of Boston," one Twitter user wrote. "Mark Sahady is 'Fighting for equality' meanwhile only 3.5% of the population identify as LGBTQ... how fragile must your ego be to think you're oppressed when you're the majority?"

"Once straight people are brutally beaten, denied fundamental human rights, denied health care, killed, and kicked out of their homes just for being straight, then there can be a straight pride parade," @EllieBowman58 added. "Until then, sit the f*** down and stay quiet."

Isn’t a straight pride parade just the drive thru line at Chick-Fil-A?

— Christine Thompson (@Druncan_Hines) June 4, 2019

I’d imagine a straight pride parade to be something like this but in the worst way? pic.twitter.com/j3Kal4ueOq

— libby (@1ibby) June 4, 2019

The parade is currently backed by straight advocacy group Super Happy Fun America.

"Straight people are an oppressed majority. We will fight for the right of straights everywhere to express pride in themselves without fear of judgment and hate," John Hugo, President of Super Happy Fun America said via the organization's website. "The day will come when straights will finally be included as equals among all of the other orientations."

"Unfortunately, the City of Boston has discriminated against our sexual orientation by denying us the opportunity to raise the flag at City Hall," the Super Happy Fun America website states. "We will continue to fight for equality until the Walsh administration embraces our community and a more progressive vision of the future."

Hugo was initially denied his requests for a parade and for the straight flag to be displayed on City Hall's flag poll but remained "determined" to have his terms met.

List of Hugo's demands via Super Happy Fun America blog post:

  • Same parade route as the Boston Pride parade
  • Same accommodations as the Boston Pride parade including street closings and the inclusion of vehicles and floats
  • Permission to raise the Straight Pride Flag on Boston City Hall flag poles
  • Add "S" to LGBTQ because it's more inclusive that way
Straight Flag
"The Blue and Pink flag, which has represented our community for over 0.4 years, is integral to our movement.," according to Super Happy Fun America. Super Happy Fun America