Strange Purple Glow Appears Above Medical Marijuana Farm in Snowflake, Arizona

Lights from a medical marijuana farm created a strange purple glow in the sky recently above Snowflake, Arizona—located around 175 miles northeast of Phoenix.

Employee Cara Smith was travelling to work at Copperstate Farms on Friday morning when she noticed the strange phenomenon, CNN reported. She took a picture at around 6:30 a.m. and posted it online.

Smith said she normally can't see the lights from her house, which is located about two miles west of the farm. But that morning, the scene looked very different.

"The purple lights are always there but don't usually light up the sky like this," Smith told CNN. "It had snowed that morning and was still very foggy and cloudy."

The image was then shared by Navajo County's Facebook page. Officials said that the purple glow is the result of ultraviolet lights which are used to grow the marijuana at Copperstate Farms.

The light reflected off the snow which was on the ground around the farm, lighting up the clouds above, The Weather Channel reported.

"The snow wasn't the only gift the skies had in store for us this morning," the Facebook post read. "This photo taken from Snowflake, AZ early this morning showcased purple glow for miles! Huge shout out to resident Cara Smith for sharing her photo."

❄ The snow wasn't the only gift the skies had in store for us this morning. 💜This photo taken from Snowflake, AZ early...

Posted by Navajo County on Friday, January 10, 2020

Copperstate Farms is the largest medical marijuana wholesaler in Arizona, employing around 200 people as of April last year, Arizona Republic reported.

The farm boasts greenhouses covering around 40 acres. These were formerly used to grow tomatoes. The company currently grows around 70 different cannabis strains and is trying to develop another 40, CNN reported.

In recent times, eerie purple skies have been reported in other locations across the country, albeit for entirely different reasons.

In September, for example, the sky turned a strange shade of purple in some parts of Florida after Hurricane Dorian passed by the state.

Local residents shared images of the unusual sky on social media, with some expressing their relief that the storm had largely spared the state from its worst effects.

purple sky
Stock photo: A purple sky at night. iStock

Experts said that the strange purple skies are the result of light from the sun at sunset being scattered in a particular way by hurricane storm clouds.

"The colors result from a phenomenon called Raleigh scattering," Scott Cordero, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service, previously told Newsweek. "Molecules and small particles in the atmosphere change the direction of light rays, causing them to scatter.

"Scattering affects the color of light coming from the sky, but the details—the colors—are determined by the wavelength of the light and the size of the particle," he said.