Stranger Gives Old Man Bunch of Flowers—Watch His Heartwarming Reaction

A small act of kindness can make a huge difference. Whether it be a well-timed compliment, a shoulder to cry on, or just the offer of an umbrella on a rainy afternoon, these little gestures make life worth living—and they deserve to be acknowledged.

That's why, when a video surfaced on Instagram of a man giving a bouquet of flowers to an elderly gentleman, social media users flooded the comments section with their admiration.

In the clip, shared by Isaiah Garza, the older man can be seen walking down the street wearing a straw hat, a plaid shirt and blue trousers.

Text overlaying the video reads: "I saw this sweet man walking alone on the sidewalk..."

Garza, who is sitting in the front seat of his car, then calls to him, saying: "Excuse me, I just wanted to say that I love your hat. "

The man stops, clearly surprised and says: "Oh thank you." Garza then explains: "I wanted to give you these flowers."

Next, he walks forward to take the bouquet before telling Garza that he will give them to his wife, which prompts the text to read: "He immediately thought of his wife," alongside a crying-and-praying-hands emoji.

The Instagram influencer then asks: "How long have you guys been together for?"

The old man responded: "Over 30 years."

The video ends with Garza saying: "Take care of yourself and I'm glad that you and your wife have lasted so long, and you look awesome, you look great."

The man looks overwhelmed as he says: "Thank you. Well.. wow wow wow."

The heartwarming clip was posted on May 31, along with the caption: "He immediately thought of his wife THIS is what TRUE LOVE is all about #truelove #wholesome #marriage."

The video has so far received more than 28,371 likes, and many have taken to the comments section to share their views on the adorable footage.

One Instagram user, bilary_banks, wrote: "you truly inspire me to be a better person."

Another person, am.mcl, added: "you are renewing my faith in humans."

Ninookay typed: "You inspire me in more ways than one. Continue to be true and pure."

Jackqueline commented: "It's incredible that people like you still exist."

Aninoritse1 exclaimed: "Awww such a sweet old man God bless you!"

And Oh_garcia30 gushed: "What a way to make a person's day, not just with words but by also giving him flowers."

Update 06/08/21 9:45 a.m. : The article was updated to include additional reactions and modified for clarity.

Old man holding flowers
A stock image of an elderly man holding a bunch of flowers. On Instagram, an elderly man was given a bunch of flowers by a stranger, and his reaction has melted hearts online. Getty Images