'Stranger Things' Season 3: Best Theories For Plot Twists and Hopper's Family History

The fourth of July is just over a month away, and while the date brings memories of summer weather and celebrations to many, the mood may shift this year. July 4 will welcome the third season of Netflix's Stranger Things, and fans of the sci-fi show are already coming up with some compelling theories that could play out in this season's storyline.

While an official trailer and a few added teasers fohave already been released, it's unclear exactly what the third plot has in store. We know it's a hot, 80s summer in Hawkins, Indiana, and the kids and teens who have fought monsters and lost loved ones are ready to relax. It's pretty unlikely they'll get to. Sure, there's a pool in the trailers, but how often will these mystery solvers actually use it?

Here are some of the best fan theories for this summer's biggest Netflix release.

Hopper's Daughter Has More In Common With Eleven Than Previously Thought

Some Stranger Things fans think Police Chief Jim Hopper's connection with Eleven may be an ironic tie to the past. Was his daughter, Sarah, who died as a child, an experiment like Eleven?

This theory gained traction when David Harbour, who plays Hopper, spoke of the possible connection through one, strategically placed prop: a blue hair tie. A fan first pointed to the relevance of the blue hair tie on Twitter in October 2017. Hopper responded.

The hair tie belonged to his daughter, Sarah. Hopper began to wear it around his wrist when Sarah was in Chemo, and lost her hair. From there, Harbour explained to Insider, it became a symbol of comfort.

"I'll fiddle with it, almost like you would with a wedding ring when you're going through a divorce but you're still wearing it," Harbour explained. "It's a constant reminder to him of his struggles and his guilt around not being about to save his child."

But at the end of Season 2, at the dance, viewers can see Eleven is wearing the hair tie around her own wrist. Harbour teased this could be a significant point in Season 3 and how his relationship with Eleven develops.

Viewers also noticed a significance when Hopper collapses after Sara's death in what seems to be the hospital stairwell. The stairwell may actually be inside Hawkin's lab, as it's where Dr. Owens is shot in Season 2.

Harbour confirmed the similarities. "Yes, it is the same location. So that's interesting. Or it's a similar location," he said. "But there's actually another thing you'll notice which is that there's a stuffed animal lion that appears in Eleven's room when he breaks into the lab and finds that room, and it also appears in Castle Byers, and it also appears on Sara's lap."

Viewers May Meet Another Experiment

A theory making waves on reddit claims viewers will be introduced to another escaped experiment this season. One theory claims a new journalist in town could be the person with ties to Hawkins' Lab. User jrt_01 outlined the idea by extrapolating from points in the trailer. The theory also states that this journalist, played by Jake Busey, will die.

The idea also dives into the possibility that the Mind Flayer is controlling him, or someone else in Season 3.

Someone With a "B" First Name Will Die

Digital Trends proposed a theory that someone with a "B" first name will die this season, because that's how it's always been. Is it a coincidence that the deaths of the series have all had this first initial?

The theory reminds viewers that Benny Hammond (played by Chris Sullivan), Barb Holland (played by Shannon Purser) and Bob Newby (played by Sean Astin) have all died in the series. While there have been a number of deaths, these lead players beg the question: will it be a trend?

If so, that leaves bad boy Billy Hargrove or Becky Ives, Eleven's aunt, as possible deaths in Season 3.

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