Stuart Scheller Resigns Commission After Being Relieved of Command for Afghanistan Remarks

Marine Officer Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller said on Sunday that he is resigning his commission after being dismissed from command over his remarks about the U.S. troops withdrawal from Afghanistan.

"I'm currently not pending legal action and I could stay in the Marine Corps for another three years, but I don't think that's the path I am on. I'm resigning my commission as the United States Marine effective now," he said in a new video posted on his Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. "I have forfeited my retirement, all entitlements, I don't want a single dollar."

Scheller also recalled that his boss asked him about what he was trying to accomplish by posting a video criticizing the Afghanistan withdrawal.

"Now it was a very tough question for me and my response was I want senior leaders to accept accountability," Scheller said. All I asked for was accountability of my senior leaders when there are clear, obvious mistakes that were made. And had they done that I would have gone back into rank and accomplished what I wanted."

Towards the end of the 10-minute video, Scheller warned of the consequence of going after stability and money, which, he said, can make a person "a slave to the system."

"I don't need a single dollar. I just need every single person that's willing to go back outside the wire every single day to wear a blue collar, and just go into work every single day and feed their families," he said. "Those are the people that I need. Follow me and we will bring the whole f****** system down."

This week, Scheller gained widespread attention after demanding accountability and criticizing senior military leadership for their handling of the U.S. troops withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Scheller pointed out mistakes made throughout the evacuation process in a four-minute video posted on social media on Thursday, shortly after the ISIS-K bombing outside the Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul that killed 13 U.S. service members and many Afghans.

His video went viral and sparked controversy, with some commentators praising Scheller's notes about the operation and others criticizing him for calling out his senior leaders while in uniform and urging him to resign.

"Stuart Scheller would make a better Secretary of Defense than Lloyd Austin," wrote Representative Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican, in a tweet.

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in, as well, saying it was "disgrace" that Scheller had been relieved.

Scheller wrote in a Facebook post on Friday that he has been relieved due to the public criticism made after his clip went viral.

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In a response to Newsweek, Maj. Jim Stenger, Marine Corps spokesperson, stated:

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was relieved of command by Col. David Emmel, Commanding Officer of School of Infantry-East, due to a loss of trust and confidence in his ability to command.

This is obviously an emotional time for a lot of Marines, and we encourage anyone struggling right now to seek counseling or talk to a fellow Marine. There is a forum in which Marine leaders can address their disagreements with the chain of command, but it's not social media.

Meanwhile in China the state-controlled Global Times said the Scheller story showed the "low morale" in the U.S. military.

Newsweek contacted Scheller for further comments but didn't receive an immediate response.

Relieved Marine Officer Stuart Scheller resigns Commission
Relieved Marine Officer Stuart Scheller said he is resigning his commission and forfeiting all his entitlements in a second video posted Sunday, after criticizing the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in a video Thursday. Above, a Marine passes out water to evacuees at Hamid Karzai International Airport on August 21. Photo by Isaiah Campbell/U.S. Marine Corps via Getty Images