Stubborn Alligator Wrestles Cops Trying to Remove it From Home

On Tuesday, a stubborn alligator in Eagle Lake, Mississippi gave authorities a serious run for their money as it resisted being moved from its spot.

The giant reptile, measuring about nine feet in length, was relaxing on property owned by a couple who say this is the first gator they've seen since living there, according to Vicksburg Daily News (VDN).

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks's (MDWFP) Lt. Lee Harvey and Warren County sheriff's deputy Johnny Beauchamp responded to the call placed at about 7:20 a.m. about a "public nuisance" gator and arrived at the scene to capture and move the reptile.

In a seven-minute-long video, live-streamed by VDN on their Facebook page, Harvey and Beauchamp can be seen trying to control the animal, estimated to weigh between 300 and 375 pounds, who can be seen twisting and turning.

Vicksburg Daily News was live.

"This one put up a pretty good little fight. He definitely didn't want to go quietly," Harvey told 16 WAPT News.

At the start of the video, Harvey can be seen trying to move the heavy reptile after securing it using a catchpole. When the gator makes clear its reluctance to move, both Harvey and Beauchamp join forces, trying to drag it towards their vehicle. The grumpy alligator, however, takes offense at their hands-on approach and does a sharp roll onto its back.

"I was just doing my best to keep his mouth closed with my hands," Harvey told 16 WAPT News. "When the alligator rolled, I wasn't expecting it."

Later in the video, Harvey is seen sitting on the alligator's back, trying to tape its jaw shut while Beauchamp engages it with rope and the catchpole.

Ricky Flynt, coordinator of the MDWFP alligator program, told 16 WAPT News: "The situation {the officer) was in was one of the more dangerous. He did a good job. We're glad the alligator was subdued and safely transported."

Many users who watched the wrestling live on Facebook were concerned by the alligator's show of strength and its loud hissing and thrashing.

"They need more than 2 people to handle a gator that size safely! That could have turned extremely bad very quickly & it almost did! Glad everyone is safe!" wrote one of them.

Another commented, "Only when the gator's mouth is securely taped, then these guys can smile at each other for a job well done. Great video, fella."

The gator was finally captured by the responding officers and safely transported to a remote location about 15 miles from the incident, according to Flynt.

MDWFP receives around 200 to 300 alligator reports per year, Flynt told 16 WAPT News, and they are more frequent during this time of the year.

"It's daily. We have officers every day that deal with nuisance alligator complaints," Flynt said. "You have to treat them with respect, knowing that they're very strong."

Another alligator in Florida recently gave local shoppers a scare when it decided to chase them through a Wendy's parking lot.

Stubborn Alligator Wrestles Cops
A Warren County sheriff's deputy Johnny Beauchamp and Lt. Lee Harvey of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks capturing the alligator in the backyard of Eagle Lake home in Mississippi on May 18, 2021. Vicksburg Daily News/ Facebook Video