Student Becomes Hero After Completing Rubik's Cube So Class Avoid Final Exam

At one college in America an unlikely hero has emerged. In a video, which has gone viral on TikTok, we can see on young student saving his class from taking a finals exam.

How? With his Rubik's Cube talent, of course.

In the footage, which was shared to the app by an account called Therealnovaakan3, we can see a man standing at the front of a busy classroom holding the toy.

Text overlaying the footage, which has already gained more than 3.6 million views, reads: "He has to finish the Rubik's Cube in under 30 seconds so they wouldn't have to take their final."

We then see the man quickly assemble the Rubik's Cube, as the teacher watches on.

When he completes it the man holds it aloft in triumph and the whole room erupts into cheers, people leaping about in joy.

Therealnovaakan3 captioned the footage, which can be watched here, writing: "Bro more cutch than LeBron [raised-eyebrow emoji] #fyp #college."

The video has gained lots of traction since it was first shared on November 28, having been liked by 574,800 likes and nearly 3,700 shares.

It was also re-posted to Twitter by an account called Fred035shultz where it has attracted a further 435,200 views.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the student's impressive skills.

One social media user, Dougware09, wrote: "My man is popular than LeBron."

Another person, Uglywoodenpotato, added: "Man's been waiting for this moment his whole life."

Bacon Cheeseburger typed: "I love teachers that do things like for their students. He made that young man's dreams and gave him a fantastic moment to shine. That's what its all about.

"He will remember this moment for the rest of his life, and how good it made me feel."

Onlypossitiveness remarked: "When the quiet kid takes his chance to be great in life."

Orangebijou opined: "The teacher is EVERYTHING for giving this kid his moment to be a hero."

Goku Solos revealed: "All the girls gonna be on him."

Ruthann617 stated: "Honestly, the professor was young enough to remember how much final exams sucked, and wise enough to know that his students had demonstrated enough knowledge through previous papers and tests that they didn't need a cumulative test at the end.

NouveauBougee admitted: "My son got really into solving Rubik's Cubes when he was like 9 or 10. His best time was 11 seconds."

Elizabe48619130 commented: "Maybe the teacher already knew he would solve it in time; no test = no test to grade. Huh!! How about that?"

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A stock image of happy-looking young adults. On TikTok on student delighted his classmates by completing a Rubik's Cube in under 30 seconds so they did not have to sit a test. iStock