Student Shares Compilation of Herself Arriving Late to Class in Video Viewed 5M Times

An engineering student reviewing her recorded classes was shocked to realize she was caught on video each time she came in late.

TikTok user Christine, or @christinemarie1509 as she's known on the popular video-sharing platform, posted a compilation that has amassed nearly five million views.

In each video clip, she is seen walking down to her seat before she takes her backpack off and sits down.

"And I have the audacity to sit in the front every class," the text over the video reads.

Not all the commenters found the video funny, and some accused Christine of being rude.

"You're so disrespectful," one viewer wrote. "I hope your teacher hates you."

Another claimed their former wife was consistently late, which led to their divorce.

"It's not hard to be on time," another commenter wrote.

Responding to some comments in follow-up videos, Christine said she stays up late and tends to snooze her alarm in the morning.

"I just have a lot going on, as a lot of people do, but engineering school isn't easy," she explained in one of her videos. "It's a lot of work, and then an internship and then I'm also pursuing a side hustle at the moment. It's just a lot of time is being spent late at night working on all the things I have to do."

In a separate video that addressed another commenter, Christine apologized for being late and noted that the class she is late for is taught by her favorite professor.

"I work jobs, I have an internship, I know how to get places on time," she said. "It's just when it's recorded and I can watch it later, and 9:30 is so early."

A piece published with USA Today outlined some tips for people who are late to class. In the event that someone arrives after class has already begun, the individual should walk in quietly and sit in the back or in an aisle seat to minimize disruption. Another point was that the person should never walk in front of the professor as it may distract the lecturer.

Tardy students were also encouraged to apologize to the professor and make it clear it will not happen again.

"Honestly, it doesn't really matter if you overslept or couldn't find a parking spot," the piece reads. "The long reasons why you were late are usually said in a way that makes you look irresponsible."

College Lecture Hall
A student posted a TikTok that went viral showing a video compilation of each time she arrived late to her class. Above, students attend a lecture in Munich, Germany. Christian Ender/Getty Images

Although there were some commenters who criticized Christine for her lateness, others found the video amusing and defended her. One commenter who claimed to be a professor said their fellow educators don't care.

"Glad you came at all! That's what matters," the professor commented.

Some were taken aback by some of the comments criticizing the TikToker.

"Y'all a lil intense wit these comments cool down," a viewer wrote.

"I get [it] if it was [high school] but it's COLLEGE," a comment read. "You're the one literally paying to be there, who cares if you come late."

Speaking to the video's virality, Christine told Newsweek her friends said it's "a very 'Christine' thing" to go viral because she's frequently late. Her professor, she said, never mentioned her tardiness to her and noted about five other students arrive late to class as well.

And, while some comments were harsh, she said she found them funny.

"It's just kind of funny when people who've never met you develop this whole narrative about your life," she said.