Students Dumping Dirty Lunch Trays on Public School Floor Sparks Outrage

A clip has sparked outrage online after appearing to show students dumping their lunch trays straight onto the floor, as the trash was full.

A clip shared to TikTok on Friday showed a pile of half-eaten food and empty packets being chucked in a heap, beneath a chute overflowing with discarded trays.

"This happened at my school today," Heythatsme.08 captioned the clip, while in the background students can be heard saying "damn" and calling the sight "crazy."

The poster captioned the clip, which can be seen here: "Public school rn [right now]," and they elaborated on the situation in the comments.

They said: "The trash compounder was so full so the students had no choice but to put their trays next to it. The staff said it was ok afterwards."

Despite claiming teachers approved the littering, numerous people were outraged by the scenes, after the clip amassed more than 500,000 views.

Julian_302 wrote: "Ya'll messed up... someone's parent has to clean that up."

"Could have grabbed a trash can from the hallway or something or thrown it away in the hallway or restroom," Monae the Loner suggested.

Marii_iita simply said: "Ya'll should clean it up."

Katelin Robets asked: "Why not just leave them on the tables?"

Toni added: "That's messed up. The way ya'll be having no respect for other people. Ya'll could've at least left it on the table."

While Cassie McMahon added: "This is just sad! At my kids school today they wrote thank you notes to the custodians."

It's thought the school in the clip is the Forest Glen Middle School, in Coral Springs, Florida.

It's not the first time the school has hit the headlines in recent months, following a bomb threat earlier this year.

News outlet Local10 claimed two schools were evacuated on August 20 following "code black" threats, quoting Coral Springs police.

The official Twitter account for the police force posted: "@CoralSpringsPD is aware of & working in the area of Forest Glenn Middle School on a bomb threat that was made to the school through a phone call.

"Students & staff are safe. Please remain clear of this area while it remains active. Updates will be made as information is available."

They later shared an update, confirming an all-clear, saying: "The school is all clear. Nothing was found. Students are returning to the building."

Newsweek has reached out to Forest Glen Middle School and Heythatsme.08 for a comment.

File photo of girl and lunch tray.
File photo of girl holding a lunch tray. A video has surfaced appearing to show students dumping dirty lunch trays straight onto the floor. Comstock Images/Getty Images