Students' Mock DUI Demonstration Interrupted by Actual Drunk Driver

A group of students in Ashland, Ohio who were participating in a mock DUI demonstration learned the true dangers of drinking and driving in the most ironic way possible. While law enforcement was simulating a DUI crash, a real-life drunk driver sped through the scene, nearly hitting several students.

According to News 5 Cleveland, the incident occurred on Friday when Ohio State Highway Patrol and Ashland County Sheriff's Office were conducting the mock DUI crash to prepare students for prom night.

Staff reportedly noticed a vehicle speeding towards the scene, but, since it was a DUI demonstration, they assumed it was part of the event. However, they soon realized that the person behind the wheel was actually an intoxicated driver, and not a participant.

School principal Rick Brindley reportedly told News 5 that students were guiding traffic when the vehicle came barreling towards them, forcing them to quickly clear the area.

"This Buick Enclave is traveling at a high rate of speed in our driveway and I'm sitting there watching and my heart is sinking to my gut because I truly thought the kids were going to get hit," he said. "He has to be coming 40 or 45 mph down that driveway."

He said that about five to six kids were nearly hit. Referring to the driver, he said, "He actually came past where the kids were standing."

Luckily, there were already officers on the scene for the mock crash. They said the man behind the wheel was visibly intoxicated: police could smell alcohol on him, and his eyes appeared bloodshot. He was also reportedly slurring his speech and "acting in an erratic manner."

Upon searching the man's car, deputies found an open jar of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine. He failed their sobriety test.

According to the driver, he was trying to bring his cat, which was also in his vehicle, to the vet. However, the nearest clinic is a solid half-mile from where the incident took place.

Captain David Blake, of the Ashland County Sheriff's Office, said the ordeal was a first in his 30-year career, describing it as "very unusual."

The driver was subsequently arrested and brought to Ashland County Jail with charges of "reckless operation, aggravated menacing, resisting arrest, open container, inducing panic, and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs." Thankfully, no one was injured.

Principal Brindley hopes that, at the very least, the bizarre coincidence will have a lasting educational impact on his students.

"It does put a fear in them and they realize, 'drunk driving is not the thing to do or impaired driving or even texting while driving because that situation could have been very damaging,'" he said. "We could have had five kids hurt."

DUI Checkpoint
The driver in question failed a sobriety test, similar to the one shown above. Joe Raedle/Getty Images