Students Say Teacher Scrawled 'Heteros Rule' Over Their Pro-LGBTQ Chalk Art

Students at Sartartia Middle School in Fort Bend, Texas say they were creating chalk art earlier this week when their teacher reportedly took issue with the pro-LGBTQ+ messaging of their drawings.

According to KPRC 2, the teacher allegedly responded to the students' drawings of pride flags by scrawling the message, "Heteros Rule" on top of their art.

Deeply shaken by the alleged homophobic incident, students and parents voiced their concerns to KPRC 2.

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, explained to the news outlet that her daughter was one of the students who experienced the teacher's outburst. She says that her daughter and her peers were reportedly drawing with chalk on a sidewalk courtyard during their free period. Images of the scene show that the students were drawing a number of pride flags, including the transgender, nonbinary, lesbian, and ally pride flags, to name a few.

Upon seeing the students' pride flag drawings, the supervising teacher reportedly told them to erase the artwork. When the students refused, the teacher began to act inappropriately, said the anonymous parent.

"The teacher then threatened to pour a drink on the chalk art, and finally grabbed some chalk and wrote 'HETEROS RULE' over the pride flags," claimed the parent.

"This was an opportunity to have a productive conversation. Instead, the kids felt ridiculed and less than, and honestly, afraid because the teacher lost control," they added.

Video footage released by KPRC 2 Wednesday reportedly captured the incident as it transpired. In the clip, the teacher can be heard saying, "You all put yours on the sidewalk and offended me, so now I'm gonna offend you, but did that fix anything?" Students attempt to respond but can't seem to get a word in. "Don't fly the flags," the teacher says.

She adds, "Since y'all are a community of lovers, this is gonna be your job to clean it up."

The Fort Bend Independent School District reportedly sent an email to parents following the incident, but it was subsequently criticized by parents for its "vague" stance on the issue.

"We have been made aware of an unfortunate incident involving some of our students who reported an interaction with a teacher, which the students stated left them feeling disrespected and marginalized," read the email, obtained by KPRC 2.

The message goes on to discuss the importance of "diversity" to their community but does not include any specifics about the incident.

"It is my sincere goal to always maintain an atmosphere of honor, inclusion, support and respect on our campus," it says. "Diversity in our community is to be met with a sense of mutual acknowledgment, understanding and tolerance. I insist that campus leaders, classroom teachers, and students exhibit and model this type of behavior without exception."

The email reportedly left parents unsatisfied. "I thought it was a little vague," 7th-grade parent Sonya Shernak told KPRC 2. Another parent, Kasia Derrickson, asked, "What actually happened?"

As of now, it remains unclear if the teacher will face disciplinary action for the alleged incident.

Sidewalk Chalk Rainbow
A chalk rainbow on a Berkeley, California sidewalk. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images