Students for Trump Mocked After Kenosha Tweet Warns of 'What Biden Will Do to America'

Students for Trump criticized former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday using a photo of President Donald Trump surveying damage in Kenosha, Wisconsin that's happened on his watch.

The organization shared the image of Trump near what appeared to be a damaged building on its Twitter account, which has more than 250,000 followers, with the comment "President @realDonaldTrump tours what Biden will do to America."

People were quick to point out that the damage in the city has taken place while Trump has been office. Many Twitter users mocked Students for Trump.

President @realDonaldTrump tours what Biden will do to America.

— Students For Trump (@TrumpStudents) September 1, 2020

"Irony is dead," tweeted the conservative Lincoln Project, which is opposed to the President's re-election and has significantly more Twitter followers than Students for Trump.

"Trump tours Trump's America," was the glib response from Kyle Griffin, Senior Producer at MSNBC's The Last Word.

Twitter users began to pile on Students for Trump as their tweet gained more traction online, with many pointing out what they saw as the hypocrisy of attacking Biden for what was happening under Trump.

"Is it a parody account?" asked Walter Shaub, former Director of the Office of Government Ethics and a strong critic of the President.

Shaub wasn't alone in thinking the tweet was an attempt at satire, but the Students for Trump account is genuine.

The organization is chaired by Charlie Kirk, a strong supporter of President Trump and founder of Turning Point USA, a conservative nonprofit that's affiliated with Students for Trump.

Students for Trump's implicit charge that a Biden administration will lead to more violence and destruction of property echoes Trump's own comments warning about his potential defeat.

"No one will be safe in Biden's America," Trump said during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on 28 August.

"On November 3, we will make America safer. We will make America stronger. We will make America prouder. And we will make America greater than ever before," he said.

The president also claimed in a recent interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham that Biden was controlled by dangerous and shady people, rather than simply former Obama aides, as Ingraham suggested.

"People that you've never heard of, people that are in the dark shadows," Trump said.

President Donald Trump Tours Kenosha, Wisconsin
President Donald Trump tours an area affected by civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin on September 1, 2020. Trump visited Kenosha, the Wisconsin city at the center of a raging debate over racism, despite pleas to stay away and claims he is dangerously fanning tensions as a re-election ploy. Students for Trump used the property damage as a criticism of Joe Biden. MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images