Students Who Faked COVID to Skip School Send Whole Class into Lockdown

These Ferris Bueller impersonators are facing some serious legal repercussions after they were caught faking several positive COVID-19 result to get out of class.

According to a report from Reuters, three high schoolers in Basel, Switzerland falsely claimed to have contracted the virus with doctored text messages from the nation's contact tracing app just before the Easter holiday. While they rejoiced in extra time off from school, it sent 25 of their classmates into isolation for 10 days out of fear of contamination. Several teachers claimed to have also been affected by the stunt.

"This is not just a childish prank, this is a serious incident," Simon Thiriet, a spokesman for the city's education department, told international outlet Blick.

Deutsche Welle (DW) reported that the education department has plans to pursue legal actions against the truants. While they will be pressing criminal charges, they will not expel the students.

"We don't want to obstruct their school studies," Thiriet said. "Young people are in a complicated spot; there are complex problems. Nevertheless, we cannot excuse their actions."

The culprits did own up to their hoax, according to DW. Thiriet added that while the education department is sympathetic to the difficult situations students now find themselves in, these three students were clearly in the wrong.

Back in October 2020, Switzerland and The Netherlands were among the European nations struggling with increased COVID cases. As of March 2021, the European Union projects that the continent would achieve herd immunity by the summer.

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Three students are in hot water for faking positive COVID-19 results to get out of school. Peter Dazeley/Getty Images