Stunned Woman Still Charged for Uber Ride that Drove Straight into Canal

Emma Lavelle was in an Uber earlier this month when her journey took a terrifying turn—literally speaking.

According to The Manchester Evening News, the incident occurred in Salford when Lavelle noticed her driver going in the wrong direction. Lavelle, who is local to the Manchester area, saw that their car was heading straight towards the Bridgewater Canal waterway.

The 30-year-old transportation manager reportedly asked her driver to stop, but he ignored her advice, deciding to follow his navigation software instead. The driver is then said to have made a left turn, driving the two of them into the water.

"He turned down the wrong street and I said, 'You shouldn't be here, don't continue down that road, there's a canal,'" Lavelle told The Manchester Evening News. "He just carried on and I told him he was in the canal."

Recounting the scene later, Lavelle said, "He wasn't going that fast; he was sort of going around 5mph, then all of a sudden the front of the car went into the canal."

"I thought, 'What the hell has even happened? How has he not seen the canal in front of him?'" she added.

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— My Salford (@MySalford) April 26, 2021

Thankfully, Lavelle wasn't injured in the accident. "He asked me if I could get out and thankfully, I could," she said.

After she climbed out of the car, however, she was reportedly told to walk the remaining distance of her trip, despite it being the middle of the night.

"It's a 15-minute walk and not the nicest area to walk on your own," Lavelle said.

But the ordeal wasn't quite finished. When she got home, Lavelle received one last surprise: a £29.31 (USD$40) charge for the Uber.

Following the accident, Lavelle contacted Uber by email to request a refund.

Uber reportedly told Lavelle "they would investigate" the incident, but she says she never received a follow-up.

It was only after the accident received media coverage that Uber stepped in to rectify the situation. After it was on the news, Lavelle said, "I contacted them again with the article and they emailed to say they would give me a refund."

An Uber spokesperson released a statement on the incident, noting that they "are currently investigating this concerning report."

They added: "All drivers who use the app are required to adhere to the Highway Code, and any dangerous driving can result in drivers being removed from the app."

However, despite the scare and inconvenience caused by the accident, Lavelle maintains a positive attitude, noting that "it could have been a lot worse."

The Uber driver also reportedly recovered from the incident without injury. Police were brought to the scene soon after to retrieve the vehicle from the water, reported The Evening News.

Bridgewater Canal 1934
The Bridgewater Canal circa 1934. Fox Photos/Getty Images

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