Watch: Jeremy Corbyn Allegedly Mouths 'Stupid Woman' at Theresa May, Sets Off Uproar

A video of British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn muttering something under his breath in response to criticism from Prime Minister Theresa May prompted outrage in the British Parliament and in the Twitterverse, with many accusing Corbyn of having called the U.K.'s prime minister a "stupid woman."

Indeed, video of the standoff between Corbyn and May at the last Prime Minister's Questions period for the year appears to show the Labour leader mouthing "stupid" something, though Twitter has split on whether he said "stupid woman" or "stupid comment."

Here is the moment Jeremy Corbyn appeared to mouth "stupid woman" at Theresa May

— Sky News Politics (@SkyNewsPolitics) December 19, 2018

Corbyn's camp appears to have denied that the Labour leader made the derogatory comment, with a spokesperson telling the political editor of The Guardian, Heather Stewart, that "he did not call her a stupid woman" and instead said "stupid people."

Whatever he said, Corbyn's statement appeared to be a response to remarks from May on how the Labour party wasn't "impressed" with its leader's stance on Brexit and equivocation over committing to a no-confidence vote.

As social media users debated on Twitter whether Corbyn had indeed called May a "stupid woman," British Parliament erupted, with Tories accusing the Labour leader of using "misogynistic language" and demanding an apology.

Posting video of the exchange to Twitter Tory Deputy Chair James Cleverly wrote: "Jeremy Corbyn clearly calling Theresa May a 'stupid wom[a]n' at PMQs today. This kind of misogynistic language must not be tolerated."

Debate became more heated toward the end of the PMQs, however, with Tory party chair Patrick McCloughlin raising a point of order, saying the Labour leader must apologize for his alleged comments, Sky News reported.

In response, Speaker John Bercow said he had not seen the incident unfold and could not rule on it as a result.

However, he said it was "incumbent" upon all members of Parliament to operate within the conventions of the House and apologize if they failed to do so.

While former Labour Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett accused Tory MPs of having "orchestrated" a riot in the Commons, other Labour MPs joined in on the Corbyn attacks, with Stella Creasy saying that any use of the phrase "stupid woman" was simply not acceptable, before asking how MPs could move on from the debate and get on with the business of the day.

Bercow later said that he planned to examine evidence to determine whether Corbyn did, in fact, call May a "stupid woman."

Opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn voting in north London and British Prime Minister Theresa May voting in Maidenhead on June 8, 2017. British Parliament broke out in uproar after Corbyn appeared to mutter the words "stupid woman" in response to May's criticisms. DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty