Just as men were getting used to shirts with bright stripes, along comes a new fashion challenge: flowers. Taking a cue from their bolder counterparts in Europe, American shirt-makers are rolling out duds your lawn might envy. "It's a way for men to be a bit more expressive in what they wear," says Sid Mashburn, vice president of design at normally staid Lands' End, which has upped its floral-shirt count from one a few years ago to five this season.

Designers admit the shirts may not suit everyone. They're for "a guy that's a bit more interested in fashion," says Michael Anderson, Banana Republic's vice president for men's design. If you dare to wear spring on your sleeve, match the shirts with a casual blazer--khaki or navy blue--and a pair of jeans. Avoid formal suits and never, never wear them with a tie. "You could go very wrong with that," says Anderson. And don't stand next to any floral arrangements.