Style: A Secret Picture

Along with everything Victorian, lockets are back in style. Stores like Target and Tiffany's are selling bracelets and necklaces with charms that open to reveal secret photos. "They're in keeping with the romantic mood in jewelry: small, sentimental pieces that are personal," says Brooke Magnaghi, jewelry-fashion editor at W Jewelry. She recommends pairing a short locket necklace with a longer chain for a more modern look. Anthopologie's Tuvalu charm necklace ($228) and Cardinal locket ($119.95; both at ) come prelayered with multiple strands. For something more traditional, photographer and jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann fashions lockets with delicate engravings out of silver and gold (from $190; for stores). But while the pendants have returned, the tradition of stuffing them with saints' fingernails probably will not.