Stylish Cutters Improve Any Good Cigar

Every smoker deserves a cutter worthy of his finest Cuban. The classic 2R cigar cutter from Eloi was designed for the jeweler Cartier and features a C-shaped body made of brushed steel with a satin finish (€172; Gershon of New York makes a cutter out of a warthog tusk, with 14-karat yellow gold hardware. Each one is handmade, and there are no two alike. It comes available with engraving or diamond detailing, as well as in a pink gold version, created by mixing alloys with pure gold (€1,227; gershon The 135-year-old company S.T. Dupont is known for its quality lighters, but also offers the Iconic Diamond Head Pattern cigar cutter. The double-bladed guillotine-style cutter is made in France and sports a palladium finish (€406, But the Dunhill Metta Catharina cigar-connoisseur kit is a cut above the rest. Each set includes a travel humidor, a circular cigar cutter and cutter pouch, a mini cigar case and a Turbo lighter—all presented in a leather-bound case. The cutter and pouch are made from 220-year-old reindeer leather recovered from the wreckage of the Danish ship Frau Metta Catharina von Flensburg, which was protected by black mud. Dunhill retrieved enough of the leather to make 15 limited-edition sets (€4,937; Maybe Mark Twain's famous line about cigars needs tweaking: "If there are no cigar cutters in heaven, I shall not go."