Subway Rider Dragged By Train After Clothes Stick in Door

A subway rider in New York City died after being dragged by a train when his clothing got caught in the door, police said.

Around midnight on Wednesday, the New York Police Department (NYPD) said that the 30-year-old victim, whose name has not yet been released, was getting off of a train at the Brooklyn Avenue M stop in Midwood when a part of his clothing got stuck in the train car's door.

The train began to pull away before the victim could free himself, dragging him before he fell to the tracks. Police said it is unclear at this time if he was hit by a second train that came into the station after he fell on the tracks.

Police said that the power in the subway was shut down to retrieve him from the tracks, and he was taken to a hospital. According to reports, the man died of his injuries on Thursday.

Newsweek has reached out to the NYPD for additional information.

City Hall Subway Station in New York
A man died after dragged by a train in New York City on Wednesday night after his clothing got caught on the subway train door. In this photo, a woman boards a subway train at the City Hall station on May 30, 2022, in New York City. Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

Incidents on New York City subways are growing more common, and the city was left reeling after a mass shooting took place in April, in which 29 people were injured.

The suspected shooter, Frank James, was arrested a few days after throwing smoke canisters on an N train in Brooklyn before he opened fire and shot 10 people. Nineteen others were injured in the attack, but there were no fatalities.

A second shooting took place only a few days later when shots were reportedly fired on a northbound 4 train. The NYPD reported no one had been injured.

In a more recent incident, a Goldman Sachs employee named Daniel Enriquez was shot and killed in late May while riding the Q train on a Sunday morning. Witnesses told police that the suspected shooter was pacing in the train car and, without any provocation, pulled out a gun and fired at Enriquez.

There have also been several accidents on New York City subways in recent months. In January, a man from Ireland who lived in Queens stumbled onto the tracks, and despite attempts from bystanders to help him back up, the man, 33-year-old David Cassidy, was struck by the oncoming train.

Medics had to amputate both of his legs, and his brother Niall Cassidy told The Irish Times, "To be honest it's a miracle that these are the only real injuries he sustained. He also has two fractured fingers. We are counting ourselves lucky that we didn't lose him."

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said there were 1,267 reported "track intrusions" in 2021, and of the reported incidents, 200 resulted in collisions, with 68 of them proving to be fatal.