Subway Manager Fired After She Was Caught on Camera Screaming N-word

Subway manager
An Alabama Subway manager who identified herself as "April" was fired on August 2, one day after a video capturing her racist tirade with two people inside the shop was uploaded online. Facebook

A manager's curse-laced and racist tirade was caught on video during a heated feud inside an Alabama Subway sandwich shop.

The episode led to her firing, Newsweek has learned.

The two minutes of footage show a multitasking white woman with a green Subway hat and black T-shirt apparently calling for help on her cellphone while unleashing a verbal lashing—including the n-word—at a man and a black woman clad in a black Subway T-shirt.

The video recording of the heated screamer, who identified herself to the person she was conversing with on the phone as "April," was uploaded on Facebook on Wednesday evening. It was purportedly recorded in a Subway shop on Birmingham Valley Avenue in Birmingham, Alabama.

Nobody answered the phone when Newsweek dialed the shop's phone number.

Subway released a statement to Newsweek on behalf of the two franchise owners, claiming the manager in the footage had been pink-slipped.

Subway manager
Subway released a statement to Newsweek on behalf of the two franchise owners, claiming "April" had been pink-slipped.  Facebook

It read: "We are very upset that this happened and it does not reflect our core value to respect every individual. We welcome all guests to our restaurant and given the unacceptable behavior of the manager, she no longer works for us. We take this very seriously and have suspended operations until the staff has completed retraining in proper guest interaction."

The woman in the video initially is told by the man holding the cellphone, "You can't fire her."

He goes on: "You called us into the store to talk to us."

The seething manager, who is on the phone and slapping a trash receptacle, says, "You can get out of my store."

That's when she approaches the man recording with his phone and is seen jostling with it. "I'm fixing to slap that goddamn phone out of your hand!" she shouts.

The frame becomes a blur, then goes dark while her fuming fit continues.

"Get your hands off of me," the man says in audio.

Clearly vexed, the woman pleads for immediate help.

Subway manager
An Alabama-based Subway manager who identified herself as "April" was fired on Thursday, one day after a video recording capturing her racist tirade with two people in the sandwich shop was uploaded online. Facebook

"I need assistance, and I need it now," she is heard saying on her cellphone.

At this point, a younger man in khaki shorts and a red T-shirt arrives and tries to escort the man and the black woman out of the shop.

"Bye," he tells them.

The man with the cellphone warns him: "You all on camera!"

"I don't care," the woman is heard saying as she launches at him again and demands that he leave.

"Get out of my goddamn store," she repeats.

As the man holding the camera and the woman in the Subway shirt are forced out of the sandwich shop, the woman hollers: "F***ing [n-word]."

She and a white man in shorts and a cap stand behind the glass front doors, and the young man can be seen giving the dismissed pair the middle finger.

Again, the man holding the phone reminds both of them that the entire episode is being recorded:

"You all on camera, you stupid motherf***ers."