'Succession' Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: Kendall and Logan Turn Up the Heat, Literally

Succession Season 3, Episode 4 is all about the power at play (or lack of it) between lovable rebel Kendall Roy (played by Jeremy Strong) and his almighty father, Logan Roy (Brian Cox), after Episode 3's cliff-hanger ending that saw the FBI come for the Roy family and raid Waystar Royco.

Episode 4, titled "Lion in The Meadow," kicks off with Kendall claiming he "manifested" the raid. For now, it looks like Shiv's (Sarah Snook) scathing letter to the press about Kendall's mental state has backfired, having very little impact on him, his ego, and the power he holds.

However, there is also the very apparent risk that cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) could switch sides. He is no longer "Greg the Egg" in Kendall's eyes, he's the newly reformed "G," and happens to be a pawn in a big old game, with both Kendall holding on to his loyalty and Logan attempting to earn it.

Surprisingly, Greg is actually the one holding a lot of the power here, with Logan ultimately taking it upon himself to approach Greg directly, offering him whatever deal and money he wants if he is willing to stay on Waystar Royco's side.

In the end, it looks like Greg is set to side with Logan and earn the position of Operations Director of Parks. With Greg the new favorite, it greatly upsets Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), so much so, it looks like there could be another panic room water-bottle throwing scenario on the cards. However, this time time around Greg finds his voice and tells Tom he "doesn't want to fight like chickens" (yes really), causing Tom to storm out of the room.

Tom is currently living in absolute fear he will actually be sent to prison after making his big bold power move in Episode 3, where he offered to take the fall for Waystar Royco's crimes. He has even earned the nicknames "Terminal Tom," who has got "cancer of the career" and his wife Shiv is not being much help to reassure him that everything is going to be just fine.

The theatrics of Succession Episode 4 begin when Kendall and the big dogs at Waystar Royco take part in a conference call, on which the threat of investors pulling out at the upcoming shareholder meeting looms very large.

"Fingers are on the big red button Ken," Frank (Peter Friedman) warns before making a proposition that sends Kendall spiraling.

Josh Aaronson, a billionaire activist investor (played by the incredible Adrien Brody) holds 4% of the shares in Waystar Royco and he plans to withdraw and join forces with long-term rivals, Stewie (Arian Moayed) and Sandy (Larry Pine). To help make his decision a little easier, he requests a meeting with Kendall and Logan in the same room, setting up what is sure to be the most awkward father and son reunion in history.

After the most excruciatingly forced hug takes place between Logan and Kendall, Josh invites them on a long walk ahead of their lunch by the sea. En route, Josh suggests Kendall "quieten down a bit" and let the Department of Justice do their job and investigate Waystar Royco, instead of risking his reputation and the company's future.

Kendall immediately jumps on the defensive, believing Josh and his father are working together to stop him. Logan even throws in the side comment: "Are you ok son? Sometimes all those drugs you do can you make paranoid" — the first words exchanged between them since Kendall's rebellion.

Over lunch, Josh makes it pretty clear he and fellow shareholders hold the power in all of this and asks for Logan and Kendall's reassurances that they will be able to put their differences aside to ensure a strong and successful future for the company.

Logan goes so far as to drop the bombshell that Kendall is on track to be his successor, stating: "He learned it all from me and maybe he's the best one of all of them." Kendall doesn't quite buy it and he was right, with Logan admitting it was all a facade to sweet-talk Josh.

Beautiful lunch spots may have their perks, but they also have their downfalls as it becomes apparent in the final moments of Succession Episode 4. It's a pretty long journey back to Josh's home and Logan is determined to walk the entire way, despite his old age and declining health.

On the way, Logan and Kendall exchange a series of nasty insults with each other, culminating with Kendall telling his father to retire imminently and that he will be back now.

However, the human in Kendall starts to show as Logan begins to struggle with his breathing on the walk back. In true Logan style and as with the stroke he had in Season 1, Logan refuses to admit he is in trouble until it is too late. Logan stumbles into Kendall and Josh's arms and is forced to stop in his tracks.

Kendall desperately tries to keep Josh on their side, insisting his father will be just fine.

"Too much sun. He will be fine. It's just a bit too much sun. We are good, listen man. I think..." he pleads, with Josh snapping back: "I think maybe, why don't you just think about your dad right now."

At the end of the episode, it is revealed Logan suffered from a bout of heat exhaustion but that, coupled with Logan and Kendall's power struggle, it was enough to make up Josh's mind. Roman (Kieran Culkin) is quick to shatter Kendall's ego with the news Josh is claiming Waystar Royco has "weak leadership" and is a company that is "fractured at the top."

In the final scene of Episode 4, Josh is seen greeting Stewie off of a private jet, suggesting he sided with the enemy, leaving Waystar Royco in a perilous state going forward.

Succession airs on Sundays at 9 p.m ET on HBO Max.

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